Jamiroquai bandmembers at Bath RhythmFest

Added on Wednesday 12 August 2009, 21:29 (BST)

On 6 August Jamiroquai drummer Derrick McKenzie headlined a 'masterclass' session as part of the Bath RhythmFest event being held at Bath Spa University in England.

Derrick was headlining the show, and did a demo, together with a question and answer session. He was then joined by Paul Turner (bass) and Rob Harris (guitar) for another Q&A session about the writing process with Jamiroquai, the guitar/pedals/drums/cybals they use, etc.Together they performed the following Jamiroquai tracks:

  • If I Like It, I Do It > Funky Jam
  • High Times
  • Runaway
  • Canned Heat
  • Space Cowboy

If you ever get a chance to go to one of these sessions then do so as they provide a great insight and understanding about what goes into many of the bands biggest hits and the bands writing process.

Credit: Maxime Varet

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Another day, another session...give the people what they really want!!!

Very nice.....! But where is the new Jamiroquai album?

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