Ex-Jamiroquai bandmembers Stuart and Toby working together

Added on Wednesday 05 August 2009, 12:45 (BST)

Ex-Jamiroquai keyboard player Toby Smith and bass player Stuart Zender have recently been doing some work together.  Stuart recently wrote on twitter:

"...Just a quick update. The ROOH [Running Out Of Heroes] album is coming along nicely. Last weekend i met Toby G-Smith and have pulled him in for a track or two. It should be amazing as i have always rated Toby a top Keys man. I will have a sample soon..."

The latest and greatest Stuart Zender information can as always be found at

Credit: Simon Merrick, Ats Treimaa

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No doubt he'll need a singer too...maybe a drummer? I'm sure Mr Ronson can throw his hefty book of contacts at him.

2/5 (Two Fifths) of the Space Cowboy sound Back together again! I love it! Can't Wait to hear it!

that's gonna be great!

whats going on with the new album?? I's starting to get impatient!!! 3 LONG YEARS!!! Time wont wait guys!!!

Stuart Zender and Toby Smith working together! And i've seen Stu asking Derrick in facebook to do some work together! ;D This is gonna be awesome! Darren Galea and Simon Katz are very close friends with Stu, so I think this is gonna be unbelievable! :)

Ladies and Gentlemen!It's the final fight! two jamiroquai band! Jamiroquai 7 VS The ROOH! And the referee is...Nick Fyffe!

would rather like to hear toby und stuart on another jamiroquai album. great musicians, but everything i've heard by "the rooh" so far really sucks. as most of their other projects :-(

I think I'm going to cry! I never thought this could be possible, I can't wait to hear their songs!!!

"but everything i've heard by "the rooh" so far really sucks"

AND WHAT HAVE YOU HEARD ABOUT ROOH if nothing has been released yet?? I'm sorry but your comments are the worst! :S

how cool it could be if they start to work together.
nowadays there is nothing in showbusiness close to what toby used to write in 90s.
and dont forget to let us hear the sample ;)

"And i've seen Stu asking Derrick in facebook to do some work together!"

Damn!! good P.I., can you find out when the new jamiroquai albums coming out??

Susan must have an inside scoop or something, because I haven't heard any of the music yet!!

It could be great: both are very brillant, Stu has been talking about a "jamirotype" album few months ago and the new "warwick zender signature bass" was maybe created for his come back. however Toby Smith had cowritten King For A Day, a song against Stu, and I'm very surprised to see them together again.

don't forget, time erases everything...

You're right. I wish JK could understand it! Paul is a great bass player, no doubt about it, yet a quick guest appareance with Stuart could be very nice in a live or on a album track! By the way somebody knows why Toby left the band in 2002?

nemesium, apparently he left to spend more time with his family.

imagine if all this wait for the new album has to do with a reunion of stu, toby and the rest? that would be funkin amazing!

This is by far the best news I have read, I am hungry for that Toby smith and Zender Work. Jamiroquai is about evolution, so let it go on.

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