Jamiroman style t-shirts in UK fashion store

Added on Tuesday 04 August 2009, 07:00 (BST)

Fashion shop New Look has recently started selling a 'Jamiropie T-Shirt' which has an image based on the 'Jamiroman' - the animated character from the 2005 music video for Give Hate A Chance.

The t-shirt is available from the UK New Look website.

Credit: Michelle

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Muffin with hat? No please ...

Normally anything associated with Jamiroquai is quite classy, but this ?

PS Where is the new music ?

Sorry, I dont like so much.

Don't mock until you've eaten one!

How come he (Chicken & Mushroom) gets a furry hat with horns?!

Makes no sense!!
NO way I'm buying one of those.

Hey, Steak 'n Kidney, us savoury pies need to stick together. This is all about the Apple Pie ! I've have a word with him and he's realised that he has made a stupid mistake.

I think you should all go out and buy one. Maybe two or three. Get one for your friends too - you'll all look great wearing them together.

It's simply HORRIBLE!

It's funny because they took the position of Jay in the "A funk Odyssey" album !


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