Jay returns to the Polo field

Added on Monday 27 July 2009, 07:14 (BST)

Jay's been busy out and about recently - and on Sunday he was at the Cartier International Polo Day held at Guards Polo Club in Windsor Great Park, near London.

Back in 2004 it was reported that Jay attended the event to watch his first ever Polo match, and I guess he's still going back for more.

Head over to the Getty Images website, search for Jay Kay and you'll find a few photos from this past weekend and other recent sightings of the space cowboy...

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More music making and less Polo, please!!!

Agreed! Can't wait any longer! Was hoping to see them on a festival this summer, BUMMER!

What's the deal anyway? Do they already have the new tracks laid out? Or do they still have all the creativity and recording to do before even trying to find a label?

yes less PR and more music please, leave the "venues" for the album's promotion...if there'll ever be one . Polo, Cars, Girl....but who cares, it's boring

ha! i think whole band is fed up with the studio :) i can"t wait for live shows:)

totally agree with the comment from "me"

can't wait much longer... at least some info on the new album // when to expect it would be nice... hear(from you.)

What an interesting post !!!
these last months were very poor about Jamiroquai's band.
Don't forget why you can buy these cars Jay !
If you continue like that, the next one will be a Skoda...

Its interesting to see that Jay is trying to have an outside life, but COME ON MAN! DROP THAT NEW ALBUM AND SOME SINGLES SO WE CAN PARTY! WE ARE ALL READY FOR THE NEW FUNK, BABY!!!

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