Jay's funky little Porsche

Added on Monday 25 May 2009, 07:05 (BST)
OK, there's no real 'news' to this one but I thought his car looked pretty cool.  Jay was spotted with a some friends in a Porsche out in Notting Hill in London and the paparazzi were out there to get some photos.  Read (and see) more at The Sun newspaper (UK) website.
Credit: Samantha Yemm

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Why does it say "JAY KAY is as retiring as ever" - he's not retiring! Stupid Sun newspaper.

"Retiring" means relaxed in this context...

retiring meaning relaxed

Jay has the smile of someone who had a VERY HOT ALBUM TO COME!! :-))

Yeaah, hope you're right nemesium! :D

I hope will be true nemesium!!!

I'll hope too my friends! ;-) but firstly remember the derrick's word last year:

I feel that the band slightly lost its way and will get back on track through this album – we will go in the right direction for the future of jamiroquai, I am sure!!!!!!!!!!

Secondly, according to the brilliant Dyego from Jamirotalk, the official website send this message:

And if neither of those cheer you up, how about the news that Jamiroquai are now back in the studio, recording a new album! Jay is really pleased with the way the album is shaping up and we should hopefully hear the first tracks soon.

Be cool and patient, we surely have a very good album for sure!

hahah beautifull car Jay! Blonde one looks interestic aswell! ;)

Yes nemesium, thats good things to remember to wait patiently for the new record... ^^
And did you hear or read anything about gigs to come, for example in France, or something?
Hahahaha, well, I'm sure the waiting is worthing it so... I'm gonna listen to some of the old stuff and imagine what could be even better! :D

jay, looking a bit more tanned than usual

Jay looks very happy, that's what I like to see.

Hello Cilou and everybody!

There's no informations about some gigs in France for the moment (maybe this summer?)
Courage there's now only few weeks to waiting for !
Listen to Incognito (No tme like Future, Who needs love, eleven and tales from the beachuntil the released of "Jamiroquai 7"!
You'll be happy for sure!

Yeaaaah, these songs are GREAT!
Good choice, you have good taste!

Thanks Sam, very nice "pick me up"!

Thanks Cilou!

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