High Times Greatest Hits Japanese release on Blu-Ray CD

Added on Wednesday 20 May 2009, 12:39 (UTC) is listing a Blu-Ray audio CD of the High Times Greatest Hits album for release in Japan on 22 July.  The description of the release explains what a Blu-Ray audio CD is...

"Sony Music Entertainment Inc. has used its Blu-ray Disc technology to develop an audio CD [Blu-Spec] with high sound quality. The new discs are built using polymer polycarbonate materials as well as an optimized Blue Laser Beam cutting technology that improves the quality of the laser beam. The applied Blu-ray Disc polycarbonate polymer material introduces less jitter [noise] and thus, high-quality audio reproduction. Blu-Spec CDs conform to the standard audio CD [CDDA/Red Book] format and are compatible with existing CD players."

As with the standard Japanese release of the album, this release will include Half The Man as a bonus track.

Credit: Francois Wiart

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