Jay ranked 46th wealthiest musician in the 2009 Sunday Times 'Rich List'

Added on Tuesday 28 April 2009, 21:19 (BST)

The Sunday Times newspaper (UK) published their 2009 'Rich List' this past weekend - a list of the richest people in Britain and Ireland.  In this years overall list Jay is in position 1550 with an estimated worth of £35 million pounds.  In 2008 Jay was listed in position 1794 and valued at £40 million pounds (by an 'expert' from the newspaper).

Additionally for 2009 this amount puts him in position 46 in the list of 'The top 50 music millionaires'.  Jay sits in position 46 alongside four others, including Kylie Minogue and Ronnie Wood.

"Kay is regarded as shrewd operator, building two studios for £1m and leasing them to Sony, so his profit margin is higher. He collects Ferraris and lives in a Buckinghamshire mansion. His company Jamiroquai last showed £8.59m net assets, which included £1.2m for his cherished cars. But with the lack of activity, our rock expert cuts Kay back to £35m."

The Rich List and more information about how it created can be found online at the Times website

Credit: Deesha Dyer

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No worries here, my friends. JK and the family have more than enough pounds to keep them situated for quite a while.

he deserves that money, he have been working hard since 1992 and he's fairly paid.I'm just wondering when a music compagny will released their 7th album: june is close! Peace to all

I had to laugh at some of the entries in the musical top 50. David & Victoria Beckham - I don't quite understand where the musical element comes in? Kylie Minogue? A lady who guest sings on other writers' songs. It's quite impressive really that Jay seems to be one of very few "current/contemporary" artists that are actually in the top 50, the rest of the line up consisting mainly of "old-timers".

Can I get 500 Jay, d*mn?! Or maybe even 100?!

damn jay if you continue with wasting your money on ferraris and other things youll loos you whole oney soon

you can buy now "only" 35 one-million-ferraris more!!!!
can you name this a collection?^^
well if we want
but anyway have you looked at the higher places to solve the world economic crisis we just have to ask some of the top 100 what have they done and how can they still have so much money

i whish them all an inflation where their money isnt more worthy than water and bread...

see you soon at the bottom! remind me why there are winners and losers...
Jamiroquai has made mad money and has kept it well because of good business practices. There are alot of wealthy people who blow their money terribly and we don't hear so much about them. Everyone in Jamiroquai past and present all deserve every penny they have earned. Their music is priceless.
Solving the world economic crisis is alot about exposing the idiots that spread their stupid low character around and don't care about how they pollute everybody.

Maxud-don't be a fool. Time has shown cars to be one of the best investments in history. Interesting how Jay does not own the cars but his compnay does. A smart move.
JK and compnay do their part by singing the songs they do with the lyrics they write. Most musicians can't say the same.

Agreed, Maxud u're completely wrong...and yes I'm also amazed by the fact he's kept his finances clean and also has spread the wealth (not to his level, after all his the main character in the band)Toby used to have an F40 and other bandmembers do fairly well money-wise...indeed Jay's a smart man, after all the drugs and stuff he's been through..he's kept it going..good for him!

** Gossip alert **
Mirror Newspaper (UK). 3 May 2009
"Jay's to the manor born"

Jay Kay is weighing up whether to buy a travellers' site near his house for £100,000 - in a bid to get them to move on.

The Jamiroquai frontman was overheard chatting about the idea with locals in a pub in Princes Risborough, Bucks, near his 75-acre estate Horsenden Manor.

A fellow drinker told me: "Jay said he might make an offer to the travellers with his own money." It must be nice to have such deep pockets..

i dont understand :S i have presviously heard that he had 40 million pounds in 2004 and now 35 ???/ every gig he does he is paid 1 million dollars :S

No way is he paid 1 million per gig. Is that just in Europe? I saw them in Chicago for the Dynamite Tour. 4,000 seat venue at $50/ticket. Just that is $200,000. There is no other revenue for a promoter to generate another $800,000. What he gets paid should vary from gig to gig. He may get some flat fee of maybe $100,000 and then stuff on top. But 1 mil seems a lot. If they are making 1 mil in the US,Canada and S America then there is no way they should be losing money by touring over here.

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