Ex-Jamiroquai bandmember Toby Smith to open County Fair!

Added on Wednesday 29 April 2009, 13:50 (BST)

A bit of a random piece of news this one... Founding member of Jamiroquai Toby Smith is according to the Northampton Chronicle newspaper (UK) going to be opening a county fair next week!  The newspaper website says...

"A former member of an award-winning band will open a county fair and witness the crowning of the May Queen.  Toby Smith, who used to be part of Jamiroquai, will open the annual Weston and Lois Weedon May Day Country Fair in Weston at noon next Monday."In other Toby news, a forum recently launched dedicated to the man himself - check it out at

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How random indeed! I don't think I made any Bank Holiday plans...

Thanks also for the forum link David! Had a giggle reading about his escapade at Hyde Park Corner and the chalk man! :)

tobyyy!!! come back!!!

HAHAHAHAHAHAHHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA...... awesome!!! I want to go!!!!! I can stop off on the way back from Truckfest which is being held at Peterboro'

Word Toby!

ha ha funny! Somebody knows why does he left the band in 2002?Anyway, I hope to see him with jamiroquai one day!

As funny as it gets. The guy leaves the band in 02, 7 years later he's opening the fair and still uses Jamiroquai as his claim to fame. Smart move Tobe. You and Stu should form a band.

It's sad to see him and stu out of the light in spite of their incredible talent. It's obvious, they can't succeed out of jamiroquai. Then, they have to come back home!

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