Seven Days In Sunny June remix by Phono Jones

Added on Wednesday 22 April 2009, 07:20 (BST)

Remixers Phono Jones from Canada have recently made available at for download a funky house remix of Seven Days In Sunny June.  The mix was created back in 2007 but was never officially released.

Credit: Deesha Dyer

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Nice diffent mix, now that the weather is getting better here in the UK. Wouldn't mind a copy of the acapella they used!!

Nice :-)

Thanks for the hot tip!!! As always one of the best fan sites around!

Oooh another nice tune for the treadmill. Thanks David!

Nice mix. I would've used some Rhodes as well though. Very lush basslines.

Brillant remix, congratulations Phono Jones and as always, thanks David!! You're the man!!

worst remix ever. bring on some new tunes...

to be honest i didn´t like it too much

I think we need new music RIGHT NOW.

i like the bassline, its a good remix, but not the best! haha

Yeah, the treadmill - LOL. Jamiroquai 'till I die !!!

Its growing on me, i like it, but its nothing compared to the remixes on the actual CD!

It has potential...I would like to see more accapellas in the near future!

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