Derrick McKenzie featured in Yamaha Podcast

Added on Friday 17 April 2009, 13:50 (BST)
Derrick McKenzie

Jamiroquai drummer Derrick McKenzie is featured in the April 2009 Yamaha Download podcast:

"Handling the drum talk, drummer Mark Richardson puts the new Oak X kit through its paces, while Jamiroquai's Derrick McKenzie talks us through his approach and the new range of Yamaha pedals. And with some technical advice, Scott Johnson, drum tech to Keane, offers his 'Top 5 things to make any kit better..."

The podcast can be downloaded at the Yamaha website along with audio of the 'Directors Cut' interview with Derrick.

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Nice interview!

Derrick, Guilty !!!! it's YOU who puts me behind a drumset when I heard Mister Moon seven years ago. The best sound you did was with a Yamaha set during ROTSC Tour in 1995. Best example : Too Young To Die (Tokyo Ebisu 1995)

But I miss Sonor area...

However, the last years disappoint me a bit (a lot?) because of a lack of deepness in your live set. Too strong (it sometimes sounds like a metal kit !), without sensibilty on your Hi Hat, Toms and Crash cymbals. And computers on two last LP are so boring...

Please, for the further album, play totally live ONLY with mics and your amazing and clear and undestructible (and again and again..) groove. A thing that technology just can't buy.

Stay Funky. As you did. Very well. My hero.


ah - jet adore with Lija ;-)

Give us your killer sound in the new album and put Jamiroquai on the right track!

Derrick will save us all from the funklessness syndrome!

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