Jay's Ferrari 'attacker' goes to jail

Added on Thursday 16 April 2009, 14:11 (BST)

According to the BBC, the man who damaged Jay's Ferrari Enzo in early March has been sent to jail for 20 weeks.

"Aaron Billington, 21, of Aldeburgh, appeared at Ipswich Crown Court after previously admitting causing criminal damage to the Ferrari Enzo.

The court heard the total amount of damage had been revised from an initial estimate of £30,000 to £9,434.03.  This included £2,500 to replace the windscreen, £700 to replace the driver's side window and £3,500 to polish the paintwork and valet the car.  Kay, whose insurance excess was £10,000, also had to pay £370 to have the vehicle towed away."

The full story can be read at the BBC News website.

Credit: Samantha Yemm

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The Telegraph reported it as such

No doubt there will be many more links to news stories about this in the next day or two.

I've seen about 15 reports of it so far, oh well, that's what the dumbo gets for wrecking a beautiful car!!!


jealousy can make one do stupid things, that's for sure.

The ultimate April Fool's joke!

I love how Karma works, hooray for some justice being served.

Serves the youth right, I hope he's learned his lesson. That will teach a thing or two about how the world works. He better be glad that his stay in the locker isn't a long one! Don't drop the soap!!! :-p

Jail? That's a bit harsh I reckon. It was just a car and a few grands damage... It's probably fixed already.

bah, 20 weeks for a car glass? time committ that it Italy, they'll ask you if you're not brave enought to committ a serius thing. we've the worse legal sistem ever..but 20 weeks for a glass, I only wish it would have been the same if the car was not a superone and the offended not a "popstar"!!!
Last time Jay was in a british court he didn't like it that much, I tought he didn't want to let someone live what he did (4 a glass specially!)..still...always depend on which side you are.

Not so fast... In my country a 14 year old kid killed a man in fron of his family... I wish they where as tuff as they are in england... things would be a lot different

i agree, the sentencing was pretty harsh. but this guy may have had prior offenses..never know the whole story.

Maybe he'll be out in time for Jamirquai's next album:)

All kidding aside, sure the young lad was jealous, sentencing was a bit much for breaking a car window. 20 minutes in the hole and community service would have sufficed. But 4 months? Really?

Quote BBC: "Billington was jailed for a total of 20 weeks after admitting failing to answer bail and leaving bed and breakfast accommodation and an Indian restaurant without paying, as well as the criminal damage charge." This wasn't solely for smashing up Jay's car. It clearly sounds that he (and perhaps others involved) were clearly in vino veritas. We won't ever know the true story of what happened. Shame about the car, but nice to see that it has turned back to gold again!

Thanks Anna, now it makes more sense :)
and Funkynic...I believe a murder is something impossible to compare with a car damage!

In Spain the justice is not so quicly!

The british justice should have been as tough with many crimes that have been done there....remember that brazilian guy, who was shot in the subway? i bet the person who pulled the trigger was not even for a night in prision. Of course, it is OK to punish whoever breaks the law...but come on! using the same pattern to all.... or is an italian windshield more precious than a latinamerican soul?

He should have poured Nitromors over the bonnet that's what Jay would do

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