Jamiroquai show on Jazzbeat radio this Saturday

Added on Wednesday 15 April 2009, 18:34 (BST)
Jazzbeat radio, which is broadcast from Oakland, CA (in the US) is broadcasting a special Jamiroquai show (no interviews, just music) this coming Saturday (18 April) from 12-2pm (PST) at  The show will also be archived to listen to at a later date.

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Thanx Dave! Yes I will post my MySpace music page up the following day so that those who missed it can listen to it.

Very nice to hear, I will definitely be listening!

Thanks, ti s great. I dont hear jamiroquai that much here in CA. The San Francisco concert was amazing!

Hey Dave! You & just received a SHOUT OUT on Jazzbeat Radio! The Jamiroquai show is about to start a few songs from now {they are a bit is already 12:10 p.m.} But they said the show is still going to happen.

Congrats on the SHOUT OUT!!


Hi Again Dave {and everyone else}! Jazzbeat Radio is about to start the Jamiroquai show and they give Dave & a shout out at just about every break! They are still doing "soundtrack" songs. They said that the show will start @ 1:00 p.m in USA & 9:00 p.m in UK!

Oooh, nice. I'm tuned in now...

For those interested...the Play List:

When You Gonna Learn
Too Young To Die
Space Cowboy
Virtual Insanity
Cosmic Girl
Canned Heat
Little L
Love Foolosophy

Thanks again, David for the info on this feed!

WOW! I'm suprised that I had some listeners-lol! I'll do my best to upload it to my MySpace, by the end of the week. I'm having a lot of trouble with a huge file! Erin, thanx for the playlist! Also, Miguel and Mocha319, thanks for the support! Dave, thanx for posting!

Sorry I had to cut a few songs short but I was running out of time. I know, that "movie soundtrack" hour could've been better but hey, we're live! So how did you guys like it?

thanx again,

Man, that's was pretty cool!!!

Thanx Kenneth!

I'll be re-broadcasting the Jamiroquai tribute this Saturday (4/25). Sorry it was delayed last week but I was waiting for my co-host to show up-lol! It'll be from 12pm-1pm (pst).

It'll be pkayed on the jazzbeat station.

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