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Added on Saturday 11 April 2009, 19:21 (BST)

Over recent weeks the world seems to have gone crazy about 'micro-blogging' service Twitter and as wants to make it easier for readers to stay up to date with the latest news and information, we have launched a twitter feed at

The twitter feed actually started at the beginning of March but with no advertising or news posts to announce it.  It's been interesting to see the number of followers increase over time and as I write this news item there are 314 'followers.' - thank you to everyone who's followed us so far.

So, if you use twitter and want to 'tweet' at you, then go to and follow us today.

Finally, I've taken the opportunity to roll out some changes to the site I've been playing with for some time - in addition to a colour scheme change (at long last!) I'm putting news item titles on the homepage and have modified the link to news item comments so you can easily see when a news item was last commented on.

News comments can now be commented on for up to two weeks after they have been posted, as opposed to a week.  Finally, URL's in news comments are now actual hyperlinks, which will make it easier to view sites that people have linked to.

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Love the "new blue", David!

Cheers Erin - I was getting bored of the orange colour some time ago and an update was long long overdue.

Love the buffalo on the left!

Oooooh, this is really nice David!!! Big up!!! Thanks for giving me a reason for signing up to Twitter!

Brilliant job David (as usual) you're the man!!

Nice one David ;) Even if blue isn't the funkiest color :) Don't you remember : coffee is THE color ! ;)

Take care and a long, long, very long way to Funkin.

I love the buffaloman on the left too!!

& Btw.. Happy Easter Party People!!! =)


Thanks David! The site looks great :) I guess now I'm going to have to sign up to twitter too!

You don't need to sign up to twitter, its really just if you already use the service you'll get a 'tweet' whenever a new news item is added here, rather than having to check back frequently (or not so frequently).

Dope graphic David!!!

I love the new design!!!
it's the beginning of a new age

buffalo on the left rocks

great work david!
a new jamiroquai breeze..i can feel it too! hihi :)

You make it look so professional David...good job as always! "smiles"

great job David!
love the buffaloman on the left too!! :)

well, aren't we feeling a bit creative this spring?

Excellent - love the new look!

I am a sucker for a nice blue website :) looks good! I'd get rid of the margin on the top of your pageWrapper though ;)

Hi David. Congrats sincerely for the new face of funkin.

What a striking page! I love it! :)

Dave H: your wish is my command :)

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