Toby Smith becomes a father (again)

Added on Saturday 18 April 2009, 14:59 (BST)
Jamiroquai's original keyboard player - Toby Smith - has once again become a father, with new daughter Rose born earlier this week.  Their first child was a girl in 1999, followed by a boy in 2004.  Congratulations to Toby and Gabriella.

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Congratulations Toby, and all the very best to the family!

Wonderful news! Congratulations!



Congrats man..great news!...Now send them all the kids out to work and rejoin Jamiroquai. hihi

Congratulations Toby, best wishes for you and your family! And by, the way, thank you for your brilliant job into Jamiroquai, we really miss you...

Hey Toby,

Congrats again with another one of life's treasures!!! I hope that the family is safe and doing well. We love ya and we still miss you on the keys brother!!! Come by and visit us sometime, we REALLY would love to hear from you!!!

Congratulation Dad :)
I remember of always reading about a Gabriella in all the first album's thanks, glad she's a proud mom of 3 kids now :D


Congratulations dear Toby!!!
by the way, we really, really, really miss you!!!

Congratulations to the whole Family! :)
Hey, Dave, any news of what Toby's been up workwise lately?

Sincerely congrats dear Toby and Gabriella!!! Enjoy your kids.

Congratulations Toby and family!
Francois - see here:

Congratulations Toby! Best wishes for the Smith family! /Jonas

Sweet! Congrats, Toby!


Congrats! Best wishes to the family

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