Jamiroquai Malaysian Grand Prix concert

Added on Sunday 05 April 2009, 16:52 (BST)
After a very wet F1 race which was cut short, Jamiroquai took to the stage on Sunday evening for their first concert of 2009.  Apparently it was rather muddy because of the rain.  If any visitors have set lists, photos, images or videos from the gig please use the comments facility and post your links and information with this news item.

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What are the chances of the band releasing a live album? I'd love to hear that!

a first video appeared on youtube...part of UTF

My friend uploaded that UTF video and he's surprised that it made 55 hits within the first half hour. I'm like, erm, duh. Haha.
I'll upload my video of Love Foolosophy once I get my camera back from my friend (I left it in her car!), although judging from the playback, my sound was screwed from standing right in front of the speakers.
and David, 'rather' muddy is an understatement. people were up to their ankles in it!

hey davina! great u got a video too...could u guys let us know about a setlist? that would be awesome..thx!

Thanks for posting the video. I see Sola wasn't there for this gig either.

The 2hr high-energy set started of with Kids. Quite similar to the set in Montreux 2003, except that lastnight was high-energy all the way! Glad I wore boots, concert grounds coulda given Glastonbury mud a challenge.
(The order of the rest of the songs may not be correct. Those who there, do correct me.)
High Times
Use The Force
Canned Heat
Seven Days in Sunny June
Love Foolosophy
Black Capricorn Day
Travelling Without Moving
Little L
Cosmic Girl
Space Cowboy
Encore: Deeper Underground

thx for the setlist!!a very good " best of"
i had a 1% hope that there may would be a new song..hahhaha...well at the tour then...they keep it thrilling :)

Although the race was short lived but JK was simply fantastic on stage. His performance was impeccable and I couldn't ask for more. Yes the weather was gloomy but this did not stop the strong support of the crowd. I had a good time. Thank you Jason Kay!!!

There's a number of photos online here at -

the concert was amazing. jay-kay sounded great!! the rain and mud could not stop me from having so much fun!! come back to Malaysia!!

check out some of the photos i took at the concert-

Still the same setlist!Why? It's boring to the end!! Where are "When You gonna learn", "stillness in time", "virtual insanity", "planet home", "main vein" or close to us, "Shoot the moon" "Dynamite" or even "Radio"?
The last perfect setlist was maybe during the (fantastic) Midnight Sun Tour 2003.

Is Sola definitely off ?

As for the "safe" choice in setlist, I can surmise that it was due to two reasons.
One being that it was their first time in Malaysia and probably preferred to play it safe with a tried and tested set. As a Malaysian, I can safely say that we don't have that many may not appreciate or know tunes like "When You Gonna Learn". The venue and crowd was very high-energy - so fast tunes with rifts like "Use The Force" worked very well.
Secondly, this concert was promoted as a bonus to F1 race ticket holders. There were no seperate tickets sold for the concert only. So it may be asking for too much for a whole new set and I'm not sure if the promoters liked the very good "best of" set they played.
Personally, I definitely died and went to heaven lastnight! Thanks JayKay!

CORRECTION: I'm SURE the promoters liked the very good "best of" set they played.

Jolene, I agree. However, if they were to play "when you gonna learn", I'd be jumping like a mad man. huu huu. How I wish Stuart Zender was still around. It would've been great to hear mr. moon too.

Here's the set list as provided by

The Kids, High Times, Seven Days In Sunny June, Alright, Little L, Black Capricorn Day, Canned Heat, Use The Force, Travelling Without Moving, Cosmic Girl, Space Cowboy, Love Foolosophy, Deeper Underground

I understand Jolene and you're maybe right for the Malaysia concert. Yet, beyond this fact, we'll to recognize that Since 1999 the conclusion is still Deeper Underground and the setlist has not very change since 4 years!! Ok for the mythical tunes but I think that "Do it like we used to do", "funktion", "soul education" or "Bullet" have enough energy to burn the ground...and make very happy ALL jamiroquai fans.

another nice video from malasia:

Nice hook up Eloy!

Though the rain poured, but it was worth the wait. the concert was amazing!!! The mud and rain didnt stop us from having a good time. Jay Kay, do come to Malaysia again after your new album release! We would definitely want you here!!!!!!!!

First photo of more to come :

Lets face it guys, jamiroquai wont change the setlist untill the new tour begins, or at least thats what i hope for!!. Really the current setlist is making some tunes sound dull. I allready lost the taste and the energy of listening Depper. THEY MUST CHANGE IT!!

Just for info, there's lots of video clips at and photos at Just search for Jamiroquai.

just saw some of the videos..i still cant believe i was there..its awesome..even the opening acts were good.come back jay k.

Hey guys! Here are my (rather poor) videos:
Love Foolosophy
Deeper Underground (end bit)

A good review of the gig is here at the Star website -

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