New album "..we are going back to the older style..."

Added on Friday 03 April 2009, 08:47 (BST)

In another piece of Malaysian press in advance of this weekends Grand Prix concert Jay makes a couple of comments about the upcoming album...

"This is going to be a fresh start for the band, with a slightly different sound. Now we are going back to the older style, with a lot of brass in it ... not necessarily retro. It's difficult to change your style. Besides, I think the style comes from the voice. But this is certainly something we are looking forward to....It's difficult because you do what you want to do but you also have a huge fan base who likes the first album, in which there is more of an organic, live feel. And there are also people who like the fourth and fifth albums, which are more electronic and programmed."

Read the full article at the Star online website.

Credit: Deesha Dyer

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A lot of brass in it?... Yahoo! :o)
Happy friday.

Yeah, THIS is the return of the space cowboy.

I knew this would get people talking :)

Oh, and I didn't mention the bit in the article where they say that the band are going to sign with Columbia now their Sony Music deal has finished. Er, aren't Columbia and Sony the same! Don't believe everything you read.

I love the second album :-)
More "real" b-sides == live & 100% Jamiroquai, please!
No more electronic club doom remixes doom stuff......

With all this talk, it will be interesting to see if they play any new stuff this weekend !

Yes, hopefully this will be a return to the nineties! woop! x

If you like those previous albums so much just dig them up and listen to them. Listen to Earth, Wind and Fire, Stevie, Steely Dan, Roy Ayers etc the music has already been made and is out there. Enough back to the future. The singers voice will dictate what happens as their range will be more limited now. A new sound will be more interesting and exciting than "Just Another Return of the Space Cowboy". Peace

He's got a point - yer can't please everyone?

i disagree with Phenom-anon, there is nothing like the first 2 jamiroquai albums, they were a lot more than just "regular" 70s stuff, they were and still are unique and fresh. i'm just hoping there is more live-feeling (brass, flute, strings, real drums) / tricky beats and melodies and less programming/disco-house on the new album.

Glad to read this!


Sweet Anticipation!

Bring back the old school!


does he really knows huge "fans" who prefer dynamite to ROTSC or TWM ? Do your OWN thing Jay, no matter what people say or may think. And if these huge fans dislike horns, are they right ?

Gimme the horns! Yes, oh my YES! So when's it comming out then? Summertime would be good, a nice summer album. Get the horns out for summer, funky monkey Ben & Jerry's FTW!...

Sounds greaaat! =D

Yes, this is awesome to hear!

Plus. I want some of those funky ass basslines back. THe first 2 albums were the best stuff. Too bad we can't get Stu Zender back!

The return of the brass section: amen! I hope that everything goes well with the new release and the live sets!!! Funkadelic, you got it right. Jay Kay, if YOU like it, then just DO THE DAMN THANG!!! B-Sides, Remixes, Demos, whatever, we will support you and the band for YEARS TO COME.

I just wanna say that Jay and the boys must not pay attention to "fans". Funk, Jazz, Soul, Acid, that's what they are, definitely, far from this melting pot made for charts. Stevie, Roy, Jimi, Sly... that's what you are Jay. That's what you are.

i would like a travelling without moving style album with a bit of funk odyssey :P

I don't care what style it is as long they will come out with new album. I'm crossing my finger that Jay Kay would come up with song like space cowboy.... hm

Funkadelic - right on. Just gotta make what you feel is right. I'm psyched though, brass..a little old school vibe taken in a new direction, that's what Jamiroquai is about.

All of this recent news is building us all up - I just hope we aren't disappointed by our own expectations of what's coming. I was crushed when Dynamite came out, but that's a story for another time..I can forgive and forget =)

Keep the faith girls and boys, remember this:

"I feel that the band slightly lost its way and will get back on track through this album – we will go in the right direction for the future of jamiroquai, I am sure!!!!!!!!!!" (Derrick McKenzie, 2008)

I love everything that Jam does. But Emergency on Planet Earth is the joint!!!!

Bring that old school back...
Bring electronic beats also...

Do whatever you wanna do, but give ur audience a new album!
We really want new tunes from you and moreover we want you to come and play again in Greece , not to a secret gig but to open-air! You're gonna love it ... and we're gonna adore it!

Changing your sound a little by adding more brass? Awesome!!!! Reminds me how much I love "Blow your mind". To be honest, I don't care how the next album was going to sound, I've been a huge Jamiroquai fan since "Virtual Insanity" hit MTV here in the states in the mid 90's...I would buy multiple copies of the album anyway!!! I'm your biggest fan.

Please Jamiroquai bring back REAL FUNK

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