Sola not performing in Indonesia?

Added on Thursday 02 April 2009, 21:40 (UTC)

The organisers of next weeks Jamiroquai concert in Indonesia held a press conference earlier this week and was there to get some information about the upcoming gig.

In addition to telling the world the middle names of all the bandmembers, Sola Akingbola's name is not mentioned - but instead the name of William Fry is given.  Will has performed alongside Sola in the past and there is a photo of Will(iam) at Sola's website.

Will can be found on MySpace at

Credit: Deesha Dyer

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I brought a banner to the Malaysian concert with all the bandmember's names, including Sola - so when William appeared on stage instead, I didn't have the heart to flash it :P but William did an outstanding job!

Wheres is Sola???? he left the band??? we want him in the gigs!!! please dont leave jamiroquai!!!

anybody knows why sola couldn´t perform???

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