Countdown to Malaysian Grand Prix gig

Added on Thursday 02 April 2009, 21:11 (BST)

The Star website (Malaysa) has published an article in advance of Jamiroquai's concert being held after the Malaysian Grand Prix race this coming Sunday.  There are a number of quotes from Jay in the article, such as...

"It's going to be good ... we're going to roll it out. Apart from this show and the one in Indonesia after this, these will be our last shows before we head back to complete our upcoming album."

The article also quotes Jay talking about plans for a world tour, which they report is expected to start in early 2010.

Credit: Samantha Yemm

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It's now clear that they're late in the original date!(may/june 2009)The new album will be probably not released before september or october 2009. This summer should be a little sad without fresh jamiroquai tracks!!

WOO HOO - would LOVE a world tour to start in Australia!!!!!


...and here's a photo of Jay at the airport - from the Malaysia Airlines blog!...

Saw Jay on the grid at the Malaysian Grand Prix (on TV, I wasn't lucky enough to be there :P) New album? Sounds good ^^

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