Jamiroquai and Clarion continue partnership in 2009

Added on Monday 09 March 2009, 08:54 (GMT)
2009 Clarion catalogue

At the end of 2006 Japanese car navigation and audio manufacturer Clarion announced that Jamiroquai would be the face of much of their promotion.  Over two years later the partnership continues.

At the Consumer Electronic Show (CES) held at the start of January the new Clarion catalogue was available with photos of Jay inside and a PDF version of the 2009 catalogue can now be downloaded from the Clarion US website.

Credit: Tim Page

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so sad, so sad...

very nice

Don't hate blau! JK is in the right place!

I also like to c jay going places, I just really hope this next album puts jamiroquai in the place we all know they can reach musically.

It certainly pays the bills!!!

at least jay wont have to rush for cash in order to get a decent sound system for his car (after he gets his windscreen repaired :)

Hi guys , i know that what i am about to say has nothing to do with this article, but doesnt seem kind of strange that the band goes to play to Indonesia, and some other places in the middle of the recording stage of the new album?? Why are they taking so long to finish it? and still they take the time to tour. Dont you beleive that there is something wrong with the whole process? maybe that they dont have a label to produce the album??, maybe you know more than i do about this situation. Cheers! Matute.

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