Listen to all Jamiroquai's albums back-to-back!

Added on Thursday 05 March 2009, 21:04 (GMT)

This Friday night/Saturday morning (7th March) from 2am-8am (GMT) Manchester (UK) student radio station Fuse FM will be broadcasting an 'Epic' Jamiroquai special where they will be playing all Jamiroquai's studio albums back to back together with a discussion of the history of the band and their music.

The show is called 'The Chill Room: Up All Night, featuring Jamiroquai' and it will air on Manchester based station Fuse FM 106.6 and can also be listened to from anywhere in the world on  If you're on Facebook, then there's an event page set up for the broadcast.

Our of interest, is this the first time all the albums have been played on a single radio show?  I don't think I've heard of this happening before, but maybe one of the readers here are knows different...

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Great! Just what i need when i'm doing an all nighter for my research proposal for uni, what better way 2 get me thru the nite! Deffo tuning in! :-)

I can't recall the time David...I'm sure someone out there has done an Jamiro-thon before. I hope this won't be the last time!

Hi everyone, I'm Katy the presenter of the show, just a tiny correction is that the show will be happening this Saturday morning, March 7th: Starting at 2am and finishing at 8am. So I hope you can join me for some of it, thanks for all the interest! =)

Katy: oops! Story corrected now!

Thanks David! =)

I am so ready for this!...Katy, what time does this mean for us across the pond?

I think you're 5 hours behind us, which means that the show will start at the more sociable hour of 9.00pm through to 3.00am for anyone in the US! That's Washington DC time, so might be different if you're in another time zone.

Manchester (GMT) is 5 hours ahead of US EST. If you want to check the time, just go to google and type the following in the search box "time Manchester, UK".

Thanks David and Katy, You both are great! Worldwide Party! Worldwide Party! Worldwide Party! I'm getting Synchronized TONITE!

ok so here in mexico city is GMT -6 so tonight @ 8pm i'll be in tune :) Thank you for the info David.

I think it's brilliant that we're going worldwide with this broadcast! Thanks for all the interest and I hope you enjoy the show tonight!

That is great news, enjoying the show as I type:)

Its funny, 2am on a Saturday morning is too late for me, but 6:30am is fine as I always wake up early! Glad the broadcast is going well. Audio stream working fine for me.

I missed it!! Is there a Listen Again option, or a link to it somewhere on the net? Will there be any sort of replay at all? Well Gutted... ;(

I also missed it!! One winged angel i feel ur pain! Please tell the traumatised fans Katy u have the show recorded???

p.s thanks for doing a jamiroquai jamas a fan its appreciated x

great show!

Massive thanks to everyone that tuned into the show; it was such a privilege to broadcast to so many people across the world with such amazing music. It just shows how the power of Jamiroquai can connect so many people together! I’m glad you enjoyed the show but for anyone who missed it unfortunately I can’t upload it in full due to copyright but I’m now in the process of going through the recordings and I will create a little podcast of the highlights for you to enjoy – so I’ll let you know when that gets uploaded. Thanks once again! =)

Have anyone a copy for us?? We missed the stream!!!

I won't be able to upload the show because of the copyright regulations for our station - but obviously I have no control over anyone else who might upload it...

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