Live In Verona DVD re-release

Added on Tuesday 17 February 2009, 15:12 (GMT)
Live In Verona - Visual Milestones DVD

A number of retailers (such as are listing a new release of the Live In Verona concert DVD as part of a "Visual Milestones" series.  The DVD has slightly different cover artwork from the original and many sites are listing a release date of 16 February 2009. 

I don't know if the content of this release differs at all from the original so if anybody owns this new release please either leave a comment on this news item or let me know directly.  Thanks.

For information the catalogue number of this re-issue is 88697455229.

Credit: Jon Froggett

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Hope there will be some new things on this new release !! Great artwork event if it doesn't change a lot from the previous live at Verona

With Space Cowboy and Travelling Without Moving included ?

damn, I ain´t got no money for this right now... Any news bout the new alb?

oh thats a coincedence!

i needed to buy another copy as my ex girlfriend decided to keep hold of mine!

will let you know ;-)

I hope there is a US release....

Hello everybody! At, i've seen a new dvd: live at Tokyo Dome!Can you tell me/us more!

Regarding the Tokyo Dome DVD (nice find Nemesium!), I'm 95% positive it's a bootleg. Fnac, despite being the equivalent of HMV in France, often carry bootleg live DVDs and, if you check other releases from the same publisher ("Woodstock tapes") you come up with several bootleg DVDs. I'll go and check if they have it for sale in store, to see what it looks like...

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