Jamiroquai to perform at Malaysian Grand Prix

Added on Thursday 19 February 2009, 21:44 (GMT)
Between 3 and 5 April 2009 the F1 Malaysian Grand Prix event takes place at the Sepang Circuit in Malaysia and according to, Jamiroquai will be performing a free gig at the event."Race ticket holders will also be treated to a free concert by the famous acid jazz band, Jamiroquai."Jamiroquai are also featured in a short commercial for the grand prix which can be viewed the official race circuit website.

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I can't wait!!! :D
anyone else in town to mob the guys with me?

Here's another article...think it says about the same thing...go davina. go.

Maybe they'll have some new material ready to go!

"...famous acid jazz band..." back to the nineties.

Thanks for the link Deesha - looks like its Sunday 5th April after the race and being held at the race circuit helipad.

Interesting! Just have to wait and see how everything goes down!

does anyone know if the gig will be broadcasted, live or not, on a radio or a television?

this is great, I hope they do a special anthem like they did back in the 90's

Davina, let me see if I can get a cheapio airline ticket and I'll show you how it's done !!! And who let optimism out of it's cage ??? Heh - own up !!! All this talk of 'special anthems' and 'new material'. Good luck KL !!!

May be any new song in this performance???

AAAAAAAAAAAHHHH. I want to go there...but I am in America!!!

Excuse me, but I am a little confused as Derrick, Rob and Paul are at Ronnie Scotts in London on the 5th April, as I was thinking of going -I may be in London. Can any one help on this small detail? Thanks and love ,Pippa.

Pippa P: yeah, it looks like that's correct. Funk Affair are performing on 5th April at Ronnie Scotts.

Thanks David, so maybe just a few of them will play in Malaysia-however dynamic they are,I guess they won't make the 2 gigs on the same day! Hope to be in London.Love from snowy Switzerland.

Hmn, thinking about this more... Kuala Lumpur is 8 hours ahead of the UK (will be 7 hours ahead I think in April due to time changes). Flights I think are around 13 hours. Jamiroquai will surely take priority over Funk Affair.

I'll try and find out what's going on and post back here or on the news item I added yesterday about Funk Affair gigs.

From the Funk Affair management... "Rob, Derrick and Paul are not on the April gig as you are aware so we have replacements in for that month - so will let you know who they are soon"

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