Jay visits car exhibition in Turin

Added on Thursday 18 September 2008, 19:22 (BST)

According to (via Jamiroquai Italia) on Thursday (18th) Jay visited the Dream: Cars of the future since 1950 exhibition being held in Torino (Italy).  A photo of Jay at the exhibition can be seen at the website.

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jay is posing near a pininfarina modulo on the pic

"According to (via Jamiroquai Italia)..." what's that? Some new institutions? I haven't heard about it before!!!

Someone put this too white car off stage and Jay on it

That car is pure retro-future, probably be in his next video! :-]

You dare to paste a link with pro pics inside?
Hope you have a good lawyer David, jail incoming !


pure male jealousy

looks like the Lotus in the James Bond film when Roger Moore comes out of the water in it!

Get my trainers off btw Jay!!

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