Virtual Insanity finished 8th in MTV Greatest Videos Ever countdown

Added on Friday 19 September 2008, 23:18 (BST)
The results of the recent MTV Top 10 Greatest Videos Ever poll have been revealed.  The winner was Rio by Duran Duran and Jamiroquai's virtual insanity finished in 8th place.

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Jamiroquai in a top ten finish for Virtual Insanity being the one of the greatest videos EVER, that's funkin baby!

Maybe 8th place for MTV, but always #1 for us!

You said it Mocha - always No.1 for us :) :) :)


hmmm what a joke..jamiroquai should have been 1st

RIO? Virtual Insanity is better than Rio in every aspect. /Yeah, obviously I'm bias, but seriously, Rio? //Then again, Bjork came in 2nd. Better than I thought she would.

Try reading this way :rio-yourun yourun/ aid: virtual insanity..( No charts,that aren't manipulated)
I'd repeat the voting - will they be just then ?

total B.S., duran duran? everyone knows who's made the best video.

Agreed my friends.

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