Jamiroquai drum/guitar "masterclass" event photos

Added on Thursday 18 September 2008, 06:00 (BST)

The day after the bands performance at Ahaus in Germany, Derrick, Rob and Paul were in Great Yarmouth (England) for a 'masterclass' event.  They performed a number of tracks (both Jamiroquai and non-Jamiroquai) and answered questions from the audience.  The following is the 'setlist' from the event:

  • Joyous (The Pleasure cover)
  • Light Years
  • Space Cowboy
  • Love Foolosophy/Good Times (Chic cover)/Main Vein
  • Travelling Without Moving/Sly & The Family Stone tune/Give Up The Funk (Parliament cover)
  • Deeper Underground
  • Left & Right (D'Angelo cover)/Crazy (Gnarls Barkley cover)
  • Thinking Of You (Chic cover)
  • Too Young To Die
  • If I Like It I Do It/TWM Funky Break

A number of photos from the event can be found at the Image To Go website.

Credit: Maxime Varet

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I would love to hear some of this

Me too!

I motion that this Masterclass session is to be uploaded to all fans across the world to hear!!!

Joyous by Pleasure has got to be one of the best jams from that era...the guitar solo at the end is outrageous. Good choice!

Even the tiniest piece of music or video would be very much appreciated!

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