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Added on Sunday 27 July 2008, 20:29 (BST)

I have just received the following information from Jamiroquai drummer Derrick McKenzie...

Hello everyone I just needed to make an announcement on the funkin site that Nude Continuum have been denied entry into the UK and have had to go back to Australia after a  long flight and dealing with the UK immigration and work permit situations, they were denied entry into the UK and therefore have had to go back home!!!!!!!

They are flying back tonight (Sunday) and will be sorting out to come back in the future.

This is a real shame as I was really looking forward to doing the gigs with them and seeing the nude crew in London, but I will have to wait a bit longer for the opportunity.

I know that James will be making an announcement as soon as he can once he gets home.But he wanted to thank everybody for there support and love for the band and the album.Much love to you allDerrick

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Speaking for the Jamily - all our thoughts go out to James and Lijah - and the rest of Nude Continuum. This is absolutely "gutting" news for them.
Passing on my thoughts and best wishes.

well said MsP!

yeah...dear friends..sending u loads of energy...see u soon i am sure and then it will be great! much love and i hope the loong flight back is not too awful...

This is really unfortunate news. I feel for the Nude guys and hope that this obstacle is only a minor setback for their future plans

i guess i can't say more then what MsP, Sandra, & Steve just said...



Positive vibes to you both - you will definately be back - you deserve it!! I hope to see you in Ahaus.

How can this happen?
This should headline the papers.

Imigration not allowing entry to a band...canceled gigs
Judging by Derricks words, he tried to get them in aswell. Tough Imigration officer.

thanks for informing us all of the situation Derrick, we wish them all of luck in the future...really unfortunate. As for a possible virtual gig that would be great news for me as I live in the US! peace

Absolutely gutting! We have just booked rail tickets down from Newcastle and a hotel for the night for the Troubadour gig! Getting to see a band just startin' out who have the potential to be huge along with Mr Mckenzie drumming in a small venue was deemed an opportunity too good to miss (my pal also is a drummer and a massive fan of Derrick's work). Never mind though, i'm sure they're just as gutted as we are. Let's hope they can sort things soon and posibly make a detour up North when they come back next time round.

Hey guys... we are back in Brisbane now. Thankyou all so much for the good vibes and support. As you can imagine, the walk of shame out of Heathrow and the first to Singapore was a very miserable one. However, we are now regrouping and ready to fight back! Our VISA applications are underway as we speak and we will make every effort to be back in the UK within a few days! Sit tight and we will have news.

Regardless of UK or Dutch dates booked, we WILL be in Ahaus. Nude Continuum will not be stopped by some petty people at UK Immigration!

Love and much respect to you all, and big thanks David for helping to spread the word.



u guys are amazing!!! use the force!

Thankyou everybody for showing so much love and support to James, Lija and the band. I'm James mum and so proud of how they have picked themselves up and started again. You guys won't be disappointed when you finally see them. They are awesome.
James mum, Annie

Hi Annie!
that´s so funny..when james told me about the great support of their families to come back to uk i was wondering if i ever get to know or read from his parents hihih

u really can be damn proud of them all :)))))
we all are!
i hope to meet u at one of the future tours then aswell!!

Hi Sandriche,
You can count on it! I'm dying to get over there sometime.
I'm their biggest fan and love their music.
And every one in the band is loveable too.

Hey Annie!!
that´s great!! :))
europe has many beautiful places and the distances between them are just sooo small (compared to australia)
looking forward too meet u :)
greetings from austria :D

Looking forward to catching NC sometime soon - went to Mau Mau in London.... gutted!! (It wasn't all bad as I got to meet some of the people from - who were all smashing people - we shared a couple of beers in the rain!)

Much love to the band and all connected with them (including Annie)! KEEP THE FAITH!!



Derrick, we love a lot!!!

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