The Cost Of Hiring A Pop Star

Added on Thursday 24 July 2008, 10:18 (BST)

The Sunday Mirror newspaper (UK) printed an article a few days ago about how much many pop stars charge to appear at parties and private functions - and Jamiroquai is included in the list...

Jamiroquai - £500K (around 1,000,000 US dollars or 635,000 euros)

Half a million to get Jay Kay to sing, but we'd also have to stump up for accommodation, meals and drinks.

Prue Almond of International Talent Booking says: "Five-star for Jay and the band, crew four-star if they were to stay the night.

"As it's the UK, the crew may not need accommodation, but you should look at the worst case scenario.

"You need to look at a suite for Jay and then 18 king bedded singles for the rest of the party.

"Food and drinks won't be too ridiculous, although you would have to provide what is on the rider - normal dressing room food and drinks really."

For the same amount of money you could also have artists including Justin Timberlake or Rihanna.  The full article can be found at the Sunday Mirror website.

Credit: Samantha Yemm

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LOL!!! They can stay at mine - for £10! Breakfast included!

There is an "0" missing in the $ part. It has to be 1.000.000 USD.
(can't wayt till the Ahaus gigg)

Funkinlisious: thanks for the correction. I've now fixed it. If you (or anyone else) spots any more mistakes please email me as I will certainly see that quicker than any comments posted here.

That's quite a bit of paper for JK and the sounds more like 1.25 million.

Ahhh....if only I were wealthy!:)

I heard bout this on the radio this morning and they said that this is what their management quotes, so i'm assuming (or maybe its me hoping that they aint so greedy lol) the band does not demand this.

so, if i bring them to argentina i'll be even more expensive?

nice info

if i get the money, they will be part of my party

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