Jamiroquai at 2008 Torpedo Run 'pre-event' party

Added on Monday 07 July 2008, 21:48 (BST)
Organisers of the 2008 Torpedo Run, a 'mobile party' held between 12 and 14 September 2008 have announced that Jamiroquai will be at the 'pre-event' party being held in Ahaus, Germany on 16 August - the day of the band's gig at the Tobit Arena in the city.  More information can be found at sites including GTSPIRIT and Emotiondrive.
Credit: Deesha Dyer

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maybe its just a tent...*lol* ;)

thanks for the info deesh
we will have our eyes open

bit like the Gumball rally then?

I asked them if this pre-evnt party was the Tobit Nightclubbing Festival or will Jamiroquai be at another venue earlier that day?

They answered this: Hello. It will be at the Nightclubbing-Festival, where we have our pre-event party. But not in the crowd for the Torpedo Runners.

So, my guess is they are using the festival as their pre-event party aka pitching a tent or something!

If I hear back from them, I'll let you all know. Not like I'm going!

The particpants are enjoying the concert of Jamiroquai at the Tobit Nightclubbing Festival. It's like a pre-meeting before the Torpedo Run and the participants are meeting in the VIP area there. Torpedo Run has nothing in common with Gumball.... it is legal and more an event for car enthusastic like Jay Kay is.

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