Rock in Rio (Madrid) concert and set list

Added on Friday 04 July 2008, 22:11 (BST)

On Friday night Jamiroquai performed in Madrid (Spain) as part of the Rock in Rio festival.  The set list from the gig was as follows:

  • The Kids, High Times, Seven Days In Sunny June, Alright, Radio (leading into) Feels Just Like It Should, Little L, Travelling Without Moving, Cosmic Girl, Virtual Insanity, Love Foolosophy, Deeper Underground 

If you've taken any photos, written reviews, found video clips or any other links then please feel free to post a comment along with this news item.

Jamiroquai's next concert is on Saturday (5 July) at the Super Bock Super Rock festival in Portugal.

Credit: Anna Hornostaj

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thanks for the fast update anna!! can´t wait for the reviews :)))

The Kids played without horns ? How can they get their funky soul ???? Anyway... Great to see the setlist evolved a bit. But not enough for me.

Surley The Kids hasn't been played live for ages. I would lve to hear how it sounded.

The show is available on youtube. First seconds of "The Kids" : just can't stop crying... In my blood forever.

i really love the new version of LF!!!

Its never enough for you Funkadelic.Can i ask a question,when was the last time you actually went to see a Jamiroquai show rather than write your derogatory comments based on someone's posted set list.

It's not about setlist only. I have "seen" the show through the web (...) and it sounds fantastic. I'm ok. I'm not very "patient" I agree, but through the years I follow the band like million others, and it's difficult to understand why some things never change when it will feel just like it sould. And most of all, because Jamiroquai is not a "harmless" band. I grew up with this trully perfection in my ears since 1993. That's why I just notice Horns lack for example. But it's just a personnal opinion. Don't worry Rob, you're still funky as hell. Like no one else. Respect.

i saw the concert on youtube and i just can say it sounds AWWEEEESOME!
the new love foolosophy version is lovely , the slow intro and the solos of rob and matt! also loved that singing part of jay at 5:30 , and of course it´s so nice to hear tracks like the kids.( i never heard it live before!)
i don´t expect jamiroquai to bring back horns...maybe they do..maybe not...we will see what comes next i see no reason to " complain"
i love what i hear...and i am getting more and more curious what the following concerts will bring...

until then..just enjoy the funk!!!! :))))

Hi my friends! I agree the setlist give for Anna. It´s the true!!!

Amazing, amazing and beautifull concert.
The LF version is very very nice and all the spanish newspepers says "GREAT JAMIROQUAI"
Cheers for you.

You're welcome Sandra and Lola. Thanks for posting David :) I must say, Kids was absolutely brilliant, you certainly had to be there to appreciate it!!!!! Jamiroquai were the ones who rocked Madrid - what a night! It was lovely to meet all the Spanish fans too- thanks to Lola and Mojo for organising the transport to the venue! Hope to meet you guys again xxx

A pleasure to know personally Jamiroquanna and Lilyjammer. You are charming. Cheers for you.

This new version of LF is just f-a-n-t-a-s-t-i-c!!
Please boys you have to come soon in ROME again!!!

This was a truly awesome gig and 'Kids' was the nicest surprise of all and really felt good as an opener:)
Was an absolute pleasure to meet people and also want to say a massive thanks to Victor & Lola for organising the transport to the gig - lifesavers!!

Cheers for you Russ!I hiope we enjoy another gig together in Spain.

I agree Emanuele,the version of LF was A-M-A-Z-I-N-G, WONDERFUL, FANTASTIC.

May will be this are the sounds of the new album!!!

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