Royal Showdown gig in London

Added on Saturday 28 June 2008, 21:27 (BST)

A few years ago MTV UK broadcast a show called "Fanatic" where a fan got to meet their favourite band and interview them for the channel.  Jamiroquai were featured and the winner (Atar) met the band, interviewed them and even played keyboards on stage as part of one of their concerts!

Atar set up his own band (Atar & The Funkadrome) and this year Atar has launched a new group called Royal Showdown. 

"Royal Showdown is influenced by such formidable acts as: Steely Dan, Ben Folds Five, Joni Mitchell and Jamiroquai, but while their musical inspiration comes from the past, Royal Showdown’s approach to production and arranging is forward-thinking, drawing on such masters as Quincy Jones, all while promoting a positively British flare."

The band have played a few gigs already and this coming Thursday (3 July) they're playing a headline set at the Clapham Grand in London.  More information about the band can be found via their official website at

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i forgot all about this guy. thats so cool he got his own band going and they sound great. anyone have that video from fanatic and able to upload to youtube?

I was wondering what happened to his Funkadrome...Oh well, he's got some good stuff with his new group.

His new stuff sounds like Christopher Holland.

Which is no bad thing :)

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