Jamiroquai drum/guitar "masterclass" event

Added on Friday 27 June 2008, 09:25 (BST)
Jamiroquai masterclass poster

On Sunday 17 August at The Residence in Great Yarmouth (UK), Jamiroquai musicians Derrick McKenzie (drums), Paul Turner (bass) and Rob Harris (guitar) will be holding a "masterclass" event.

"Hear them perform famous Jamiroquai tracks, and reveal the secrets of how they work as a unit - a masterclass music event."

The event starts at 4pm and tickets can be purchased from vendors as shown on the promotional poster for the event.  The event is being organised by Elusive Events Management who can be found at

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Q : "What's your secret to play Acid Jazz and Funk music ?" A : "Not include horns. That's the key."
I'm in trouble...

Take a deep breath're alright...everything's okay!....15 years ago this week this band went thru a huge "Sony" experience...when they have loved intimate gigs the most....I'm liking some of these small places they are at right now...and having a master class with just one of them is amazing...I bet we'll get the horns...soon... :)

Be patient, the rhodes piano and horns will be back soon, I am sure.............

Now I really wish I could live in the UK! this would be awesome to attend!

Yes, we'll get the horns soon. Well, somebody might, but that's their business. **I'll get my coat...**

While we're on the subject of bringing things back, how about the legendary Wallis? His contribution in past records and stage performances doesn't always get the credit it deserves.

I can't believe this is happening in Gt Yarmouth. Well done Elusive for getting some quality musicians this way. I live about 40 miles away but definitely gonna make the trip. Don't get a chance like this every day!


Hi Robby, look forward to seeing you there! Our intention is to bring more and more sould and funk to Norfolk. We are musicians ourselves and big Jamiroquai fans. Watch this space for more of this sort of thing to come...we really wanna make a difference and you are the sort of guys we want around us!

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