Space Cowboy on Hed Kandi Back To Love compliation

Added on Sunday 30 March 2008, 21:12 (BST)

David Morales' Classic Club Remix of Space Cowboy is the opening track on CD 2 of the newly released compilation album Hed Kandi - Back To Love. 

If you have seen Jamiroquai tracks on any compilation albums recently then why not post a comment with this news item to tell other fans. 

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I saw the ad on tv the other day for this and it played a bit of Space Cowboy :-)
Actually, on a previous compilation (Back To Love 03.04) in the same series, Blow Your Mind is featured. Just found it, from clicking on the link to the Hed Kandi site

I want to listen sample, but it's not working, why? Is that the same remix by David Morales we all know about, one that previous type?

I noticed the sample function doesnt work too. I tried the listen sample on, that works ok. And yes its the same one

Thanks, Cosmic girl :)

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