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Added on Wednesday 02 April 2008, 11:30 (BST)

In early February Sola Akingbola was interviewed on Resonance FM and the interview is now available to listen to via the African Essence website (see 7th February link).

Two tracks from Sola's Routes to Roots album and Jamiroquai's Space Cowboy are played, together with an interesting interview with Sola, where he talks about all sorts of things, including how he first joined Jamiroquai...

Prior to the bands performance on French television show Taratata in 1994, (Jamiroquai drummer) Derrick McKenzie had three names of potential percussionists to perform on the show.  Derrick thought that Sola's name was unique and chose him because of that.  Sola got the gig because of his name!

The tracks/interview start at approximately 17 minutes into the recording.

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No, I tell you it was destiny! I think that Derrick saw something much more unique than just a name! I'm just glad that he's still with the family!

I think Sola at is a bit over looked at times. Although you may not feel his presence as much on the albums, his stage presence is breath taking. When I met the group in NYC (Dynamite tour) he was one of the nicest guys, and my girlfriend and I probably spent the most time with him. Sola is extremely genuine and one of the nicest guys in a band I have met.

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