Virtual Insanity - written in the loo!

Added on Sunday 30 March 2008, 19:01 (BST)

In an interview/article with Pete Winkelman, a once music executive who owns Linford Manor -  where the album Travelling Without Moving was recorded, he recalls a story about how Virtual Insanity was written...

'Jamiroquai was in the loo downstairs when he wrote "Virtual Insanity". He hears all his tunes in his head and I could hear him singing it. So he went straight into the ballroom, which is where the main studio is, and told everyone what he wanted. That was in the last week of recording - it's the best track on the album [Travelling Without Moving], although "Cosmic Girl" isn't bad either.'

Now that has to be bizarre story of the day!  The rest of the article (which is more about football/soccer than music) can be read at the Guardian newspaper website.

Credit: Deesha Dyer

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wow 11 years later and we found out about that?? LOL


I will never be able to listen to that song in the same way ever again lol!!!

That`s the best song ever!!!
Good to know how gifted he was at that moment...

Jay has something about the loo. LOL
Feels just like it should was written in the loo, too

i have a concert (audio recording) from 199hmm7 or 9 where jay talks much more about the story of that track

this is just the shortcut of it

The Buffalo Clan at work (in the loo)! Hee hee, that's such a hoot! If the "think tank" helps him out, then keep on writing JK! :-p

You may be thinking of Tokyo Dome 99, where if memory serves me Jay said they were in Osaka and couldn't find anyone in the streets, then an old lady took them to an under ground portion of the city, Jay then said he wrote the song after they got back to the hotel room (and hence the We all live underground part of the song I assume)

I suppose it could be he just got the idea for the song then, but didn't write it until later.

Very nice. But why is he talking about Jamiroquai as if it was a person?? Was the whole band singing toghether in there? jejejejeje

LOL this video makes much more sense now!

My favorite song was written in the loo! Ahha xD
LOL freeetz!

Do you know there is a bird called loo-choo jay? ;)

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