Jamiroquai announced for Rock in Rio festival in Madrid

Added on Wednesday 13 February 2008, 21:46 (GMT) has announced that on 4 July 2008 Jamiroquai will perform on the World Stage at the Rock in Rio festival being held in Madrid, Spain.

More information about the festival including ticketing details are available at the Rock in Rio website.

This concert announcement means that the band will almost certainly be announcing further gigs over the coming weeks and months (well at least I hope so!).

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Rock on guys!!!!!

Great news! Cant wait! :-D

Let's just hope that this isn't another piece of S... performance like the last piece a S... Rock in Rio in Lisbon!!!!!!!!!!!! (Not blaming Jamiroquai tough)



Another example of great unexpected news from the camp, this is indeed a great gig to play to cap off a busy 2008 for Jamiroquai! Still, this begs the question, could Jamiroquai's current new album sessions be finished and in the tin by Spring 2008? Only time will tell I guess! Cheers!

Your Friend,

That is just the best news. I am over the moon!!!
What a glorious day this is!!!!!

Yeah, really great news!!! xD

Summer just arrived...

Well said Zed, we r seeing the light again ;)
love u ZEDDDDDD ^^

yess! finally the rollercoaster is starting again! I'm so glad...even if I will not a wonderfull news!
Thanks David

oh yeah!
this is confirmed right?? sometimes even the band aren't aware lol!


great to know jamiroquai will be live on stage that soon!!

...shame that it's going to be in a rotten consumist and capitalist event by the great enterprises of especulation like movistar,el mundo etc...

Rock In Rio in Madrid ? Didn't know Madrid has a river and brazilian/portuguese roots, but the good news is Jamiroquai are back.

Todos a Madrid!!!!

WOO HOO - what great news that the boys will be out and about doing a concert (hopefully it'll be concert's' soon). Hope some of the lovely Jamily will be able to go :) :) :)


Is a nice new but let´s see if they don´t perform like in Rock in Rio Lisbon where they´re exquisite on time because of Shakira hope they be the main act on that they and play with no schedules and they´re back party people ;)

..Mojo, are u ready for a new gig together?.. ;)

AAAAWEEESOME! I thought they wasn't gonna perform until next this is awesome

What are wonderful sweetheart of a message...only on! Happy Valentine's Day everyone...looking forward to partying with you David, the Jamily and Jamiroquai.

Great news! I would so much like to be there, but im a little short on money :/ So maybe i just have to wait that Jamiroquai comes to Finland! Happy Valentine's Day! :)

I can´t beliveeeeeeeeeee. Only five monts for the gig !!! The spanish starchild fan group are stating for a great party we are working for all fans... more news coming soon.

Our partying begins again!
Great news :D.
See you soon Jamily!

According to the Rock in Rio website James Morrison will also be performing on the World Stage the same day.

Great news David, I hope to see also James Morrison (like the passed two festival in London... so many great artists same day!)

Hello again,

Ditto, James Morrison is a excellent rising talent and perfect for this gig. In a supplemental note to this news, a Fellow fan spotted on the Official Rock In Rio site that Jami WILL be debuting new material at their performance:

"In Madrid they will launch a
complete set with songs of their new album".

So, lots to look forward too and it looks like my initial thought that the current new Jami album sessions might JUST be done by Spring/Early Summer 2008. But the new question to ask is: Will Jami have a new single OR the new album out at the time of the gig? Only time will tell, thanks again and Cheers!

Your Friend,

yeah yeah yeah!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! :)))))
i want to go :s

Great news !! Thanks David. I can't wait new album on sale and Gig. Please came jamiroquai in Asia too.

Best news I've heard for a long time! This is great. I can't wait for their new stuff.

What about a reunion to go to Madrid, let´s get together Jamily

What can i say? Fantastic!!

I must be daft but not knowing spanish i couldn't work out if the tickets are on sale yet! Can anyone enlighten me?

WOW, his is G R E A T news.

Cannot wait to hear some new tunes and hear them live.

(if jamiroquai needs a busdriver...HELLO!)

Awesome news! Hopefully they'll have streaming video for this gig online like they did for the last one (Lisbon 2005, right?).

Looking forward to the new stuff coming out...I remember blitzing through finals three years ago just to get back to the computer and listen for Capital FM to premiere the Dynamite tracks! That was a fun day...

. . . forty two, forty three, forty four . . .

Counting the pennies already, saving up for the airline ticket - and some bin liners (NOT!!!) Gotcha there MsP !!!

This is awesome!!!

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