Emergency On Planet Earth artwork mugs and canvas

Added on Thursday 14 February 2008, 18:50 (GMT)
EOPE artwork

James Marsh, the artist who created the fantastic artwork featured on Jamiroquai's 1993 album Emergency On Planet Earth currently has two great items listed for sale at The Art Bay website.

Available to purchase from the site are a drinking mug with the EOPE artwork printed all around it, and for the serious collector you can get your hands on one of 100 limited edition large canvas prints of the artwork.

For more information and images please visit The Art Bay website. 

Credit: Adrian Deith

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Wow the canvas is small but amazingly expensive...but still I would buy that if I could afford it!!! maybe I'll get the mug.....super cool..

Right On James Marsh!

Yeah, the canvas isn't very cheap, but wouldn't it look great framed. As for the mugs, a set of 4 or 8 of those would be cool.

£495.00 :(

isn't now discount time?

good business though........495 x 100 = £49,500 !!!

well a mug is a bit crappy...

a a Canvas...

id buy it if i could...

Andy Warhol limited edition prints sell for serious money and there is more than 100 about, this print is a solid investement never mind an impressive piece of JMQ memorabilia - imagine it taking place of pride on your wall. The mugs are superb and are in full glorious technicolor - i have one and it makes my coffee taste great ;)

Thanks David, ordered the Mug!

You gotta remember, this is from on of the UKs most respected illustrators. Quality art stuff is always pricey.

The price of the mugs dosent really make any sense when you think of the message of the "Emergency On Planet Earth" Album

I've heard from a little bird that a 36" x 18" version on photographic paper may also be available in the near future - you know the, the landscape - water crashing up the side of the lighthouse size - Speak to The Art Bay they will advise.

They are also selling a mug with just the frog and snail from the painting if you look on page 6 of the 'collectables' section

ive received the mug - quite nice, im going to see 'Mark Ronson' tonight so will try and get Stu to sign it!
If not then hope smaller prints come out to get signed and auction for charity:)

Just bought the canvas. Going to look sweet on my wall.

GBP is just too much right now...

Wow that is awfully high for a 4x2 print! The mug is a given though.

Put something strong in your EOPE tea swigger and then squint at it, and you can imagine that you have the canvas too !!! Now that's value for money.

Ordered my Limited Edition Print this morning and there's more to this story.

James Marsh is supplying his own High Resolution Artwork (increased clarity) and will be signing each print personally - that's in addition to the COA from James Marsh and The Art Bay.

Furthermore, James Marsh has agreed to an open ended print run of smaller version on photographic paper, just for the fans. Apparently, the print should be around the same size as the original album gatefold - The Art Bay can advise on the actual size.

Must go have a large wall to sand down and decorate in prepartion for the arrival of my new wallpaper ;)

How cool is that!!!
Unfortunate us, living in third world...maybe next life, right?

all my love!

what - £95 for a gatefold print which i could do on my printerwith photopaper - you are joking right!

Russ, it 495 and it's just too much (at least for me). Congrats to those who bought one though!

Kenneth, there is a gatefold print for £95 in addition to the ltd canvas:)

apparently some smaller prints to be run off soon also.

congrats adrian..i would love to see a pic it on your wall..can´t u post them in any of the forums??:)))

Hi everyone i've just ordered my set of four mugs and i have to i'm delighted with it!!!
I may even have the opportunity to get Jay to sign one or two of them in the near future as I'm still in touch with him and donate it to a childrem charity!

oh the gatefolds have gone down to £65??

Hi Little L, did you sell the trainers??

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