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Added on Monday 11 February 2008, 22:03 (GMT)

Ex-Jamiroquai bassist Nick Fyffe has recently been playing bass for artist David Jordan, who currently has a single in the UK charts at number 5.  Apparently Nick is managing the group as well.  He's also been working with a group called Vote Show Pony in addition to also working with dance artists Shapeshifters. 

Credit: Coco Tessler

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Nick Fyffe : Sunny in 2000, Soul Education Montreux 2003, TWM Maida Vale 99, Deeper Underground Rock Am Ring 2002, and more and more and more... Amazing and unique bassist.

Nick Fyffe est un très grand bassiste qui avait un sens du groove incomparable! Il n'a pas au la chance de figurer dans un album qui puisse mettre en avant l'immense étendu de son talent!Il mérite autant de respect que Stuart Zender! Quelqu'un saurait VRAIMENT pourquoi il a quitté Jamiroquai? Il ma semble qu'il végète depuis...Good luck Nick!!See ya soon!

Nick Fyffe is a great bassist player too!

i hate that David Jordan crap!! lol!
Shapeshifters house stuff is cool though:)

Nick Fyffe is the bassist who I relly adore, he's fantastic. "Montreux Jazz Festival - 2003" and "Live in Verona - 2002" two, the most greatest concerts

I can confirm that Nick is not managing David Jordan, just his bassist. My sister works for his record label. Yes we agree he is poo, and we slag him off all the time, He has had a lot of money invested in him, Mercury think hes the next big thing, I'll be suprised if hes still around next year, hes a freak and musical style is all over the place. Sorry for the rant, just wish record labels would invest in the funk.

I think Nick was / is MD'ing ( musical director ) for the band ( not managing ). I believe this means he put's the band together for all the live show's and make's sure it sounds good.
Anyway, glad nick is having some success with it. Look forward to seeing more of him with or without david jordan.

Ahh, MD means "musical director". My mistake.

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