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Added on Thursday 06 December 2007, 22:22 (GMT) website has today (Thursday) relaunched with a new look website.  Part of the press release that has been issued to announce the launch is as follows:

The site takes a new approach to the music business in that it delivers not only a comprehensive destination for all things Jamiroquai but also facilitates sharing and syndication via widgets and social networks. Content includes songs, video, event details, merchandise and artist resources.

Fans will be able to interact with Jamiroquai, enabling them to place popular widgets and Jamiroquai content on their own social networking and / or blog pages easily.  The website employs new technologies, including calendar software Spongecell that allows updates on where the band is and what they’re doing. The software catalogues the bands journey from its arrival on the scene in the early 1990s to the present day.

Jay Kay of Jamiroquai says, “The internet is shaping the future of music and I’m excited by the potential it offers artists. The new site takes advantage of the internet’s growing ability to connect and share more intimately with our fans.  They are now more involved building and sharing what they wish from the content on our site, even creating content themselves to share with us and each other." has existed since 1997, making it one of the world’s longest running official sites.

Head over to to look at the new design.  The news has been picked up by a number of sites such as The Inquirer, who had an alternative take on the news...

Credit: Dave Harrison

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I love the new website! 5*

This means one thing at the first place. JK is not ready to leave the music business yet! Yepeee!

1 question - does anybody know something about news RSS feed? Because at the moment it doesn`t working, it works only for calendar items, but not for news or am I wrong?

YAY - great to finally see the new website - its heaps better and a lot easier to read - great job!!!!!


I like the new design. Looks like a good hub for information. is not the adress of the official site for tha long...or it is?

well, nothing really changes... I looks like AFO area.

I like it a lot, it's much easier to use and full of new things! Great work David and JMQ' stuff team! And the new graphic whit the BM it's a gift to all of us!

Greeeeat! This is exactly the same design that I wanted to have on the flyer of our first tribute show! OK, the creatot was unable to colour the floor, but chech this out :

Wonderful work! 10+

I like the new look, and I like the fact that Jay came forward to say something so positive about the internet and the music business in these weird times for artists and fans. I just hope we start hearing some new stuff soon from the tribe with a vibe......! the funkiest group on the planet!!!

JGrizz couldn't have said it better. Congrats with the new look and feel of the official site! Keep up the great work your doing David! Much respect to you JK and Jamiro-crew for keeping the scene alive all these years! Drop some new samples soon, we're thirsty!!!

very nice :) reminds me of Synkronized for some reason

Erm David, dot com official site since 1997? Don't think so...

nice but no cigar - functional for profile sites like myspace & facebook though.

Yeah, Jamiroquai have had a web site since 1995 (with "J's Joint", and (which you correctly pointed out was not an official site) was first registered in 1997. Looking back it was in May 2004 that Sony got their hands on the domain.


Hehe thanks for reminding me. I'm an unofficial dot com nostalgic, I just didn't want people to forget about it ;)


Good Vibes!!

i agree with the comments above!
it looks funky..i especially love the discoball and the colourful ground.
the links and news are well structured but still not looking boring..
well done! thanks

Amazing David, good site. And thanks so much for put jamirolive on fans sites.

Ok, problem with rss was fixed, but there is another one - iCal export doesn`t work for me - I want to import Jamiroquai calendar into my google calendar, but it cannot be happened at the moment - what`s wrong?

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