Synkronized frisbee charity auction

Added on Sunday 25 November 2007, 14:35 (GMT)
Synkronized frisbee

Prior to the release of Synkronized back in June 1999 (yup, over 8 years ago!), the Sony S2 record label gave away a number of promotional Jamiroquai frisbee's, which when thrown spell out the word Synkronized!

I don't think many of these were made, and one has just appeared on auction site eBay.  The best thing about this auction (apart from the frisbee itself) is that the auction has been created to raise money for the Cancer Research UK charity.

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Well done mate, you have done the right thing:)

Yeah, great!
I just did the right thing!

Come on guys, make your offer :)

Thank you David to keep us updated.

cause its for charity and at x mas ill make my bid that bit more :D

Eeewww - I'm all over it - biological hazard !!!

I want this too..much!! Cool just in time for the summer here.. xXxcellent!! :P

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My auction has gone up to £53.00 now....


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