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Added on Monday 10 December 2007, 20:38 (GMT)

Here are a couple of TV shows featuring Jamiroquai over the coming days...

  • Italian channel Cult TV will broadcast Live From Abbey Road on 31 December.
  • In the UK, the Biography Channel will broadcast the Jamiroquai biography show this coming Wednesday and Thursday (12th, 13th) at various times.
  • Also in the UK, on 29 December at 20:00, channel Dave (what a great name for a channel!) will broadcast Jamiroquai's performance of Love Foolosophy from the Later With Jools Holland TV show that was originally broadcast in 2001.
If you know of any forthcoming shows on TV that feature Jamiroquai please feel free to post a comment to this news item.
Credit: Filippo at Jamitaly

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thanks for the news!
" Dave (what a great name for a channel!).."

forgot too mention - i watched this ther other week and if anyone has Sky HD tv then maybe it would be worthwhile recording it.
it was a really good jools show with an excellent line - up including white stripes, theo gilmore & super furry animals. It also has 'You give me something' which is the first track but for some reason does not include 'Main Vein' and the other half of 'Love Foolosophy' which was 'cosmic girl'????:(

i did record 'Ygms' from it but the reception went funny for probably the first time - wouldn't you know it!! grr! but i did get 'love foolosophy' so if anyone wants it once again i could upload here? i know most people have the dvd download with everything though so upto you guys??

ygms cg waygl sin jas kfad . . . is that you Dave ???
- Cosmic Lazarou -

Jamiroquai at Abbey Road will also be on ABC TV in Australia at 10:35pm, 27th December

Channel Dave...hahaha...I can't laugh much though. We've got radio stations called 'Jack' and 'Mike' here in the States.

i can now say that Dave is the best freeview (UK non subscription digital tv for all ye not in the know)it has some of the best show line ups on tv only downside is adverts :(

thanks for the heads up ill be watching

(oh and is the x mas funkin skin coming back for this seasonal time of year?)

Yes, the xmas funkin skin will return. Just need to find it first!

great you know its time to go out buying your presents when the x mas skin arrives :)

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