15 Years of Jamiroquai

Added on Friday 19 October 2007, 07:27 (BST)

15 years ago today, on 19 October 1992, a relatively unknown band called Jamiroquai released a single called When You Gonna Learn? on the Acid Jazz record label in the UK.

Little did Jay, Toby, Wallis and the other bandmembers know what was about to happen to themselves over the coming months and years.  Back then the band didn't have a major label record deal and we've come full circle to now, where the band are in the same position (although they're no longer unknown!).

Its been an amazing cosmic ride so far.  Congratulations Jamiroquai for the past 15 years and we look forward to what happens next...

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15 years, already?!?!?!
Ah, still my favourite band. Each of their tune I listen to is like eating sweets. 15 years of sweets!!!
Long life to Jamiroquai, I love you

Hey Jay, do you remember the day after your brilliant concert in Metz the 1st October '99, we met in Luxembourg at your hotel the day after, on a Saturday in 1999 (true!). It's a long time ago! I still have photos of our encounter;)Such a nice memory

Memories of yesteryear, remember it very well, still have the original acid jazz 12" release...absolute timeless classic...

15 years already!
11 for me following jamiroquai! incredible!
glad i have that acid jazz single signed by jay! :-)

Congrats!!! Another funky 15 years!

15 years of Love .. =)

* tears *

Happy Jamiroquai to us all !!!

Happy birthday and congretulations young men !! 15 years of happiness, you are the best !!

Happy annivesary two Jamiroquai and all it's fans! 15 years....of the most supreem funkified music :-)

from playing what they like to 15 years without control to playing whatever they like


Times are still the same... Nothing has changed. When they gonna learn ? Keep the faith Funkers. You're on the right way.

David, Brixton Academy 1993 still feels like yesterday; years are like days...

hope they make a record like that again!

Thanks for giving so many joys to me for these long.

Happy 15th birthday to Jamiroquai! ;)
Our adolescent band lol

No words, just emotions......

happy jamiroday!

i hope for 15 years more music

A day in history!

Happy Birthday Jamiroquai and Jamirofans, I want to celebrate in my own listening the beautiful "when you gonna learn?", back to the roots.

Here's to another 15 too!! :D

amazing! happy "birthday" jamiroquai:)))
time flies...

WOW and it's sounds just as fresh and contemporary today as it did fifteen years ago, When you gonna learn, Emergency, still topics of world discussion that need more serious world attention. Kind of prophetic I guess. Thank you Jay and tribe for the great music. Keep on Funkin on!

Congrats! and just imagine what`s to come!

I remember when I was 13 years old and I thought myself...mmm...what does it is? a female voice or a male one? I love the unique sound of Jamiroquai.
Regards from Mexico City.

Happy Anniversary :)

thank god for Jamiroquai!
dont know what i'd do without you:)

Happy Anniversary to Jamiroquai :-)


15 years young, heres to the next 15 years and beyond! :D

Time passes, their music and their name surely stay!!
Just amazing. Happy birthday, and as some may say, don't stop the feeling!
Regards from Chile.

it took me 15 years and 2 days after the acid jazz WYGL way released i managed to get one :)

Happy Birthday Jamiroquai!!!

HAPPY BIRTHDAY Jamiroquai!!!! I can't thank you enough for this 15 years of magic, for making my life funky...****Still thinking that music is the only hope we have for revolution!!!
Lots of love, all my heart.....

Happy anniversary! Don't know where i'd be without the music. Thank you for all the years and here's to many more to come! :-)

15 lat a jak z bicza strzelil!!!

Thank you for 15 great years of music Jamiroquai!

...definitely thankful for the discovery of jamiroquai and the 15 years of music. eope is still my favorite album of all time.

"Happy Birthday" and thank you for the music!

CONGRATS on 15 years of the GREATEST world music ever created! The reason I call it "world music" is because I've been all around this great big beautiful planet of ours & Jamiroquai has ALWAYS been in my cd case! Let's ride this thing till the wheels fall off!!!

Happy Anniversary !!!!!!!!! XD

Hi !

For all the latin and of course, non-latin fans too, we have created a lil blog to celebrate te 15 years of the Jamiroquai career :)

Enter to and choose "BLOG Aniversario" section. Leave a comment telling us ur experiences with the band in all this years :D

Soon, we will send all the fan comments to the band ;)

Thanks and see you there...



I remember in `92 asking about WYGL 12" on Acid Jazz in Ourprice record shop (remember them), and having to spell out the bands name to the guy who worked there - never heard of them. 8 months later No1 album!!

15 years later.. wars, pollution, racism, famine, violence.. When WE Gonna Learn?



Congratulations.. 15 yrs of Funk! well done..

Thank you for 15 years of amazing songs. Bless you all!

Absolutely amazing. 15 years of real music! Don't stop the groove family, keep going till you can't funk no more!

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