Jamiroman Qee model in worldwide exhibition

Added on Saturday 20 October 2007, 22:18 (BST)

Hong Kong designer toy company Toy2R is currently running an worldwide exhibition of Qee (models) based on Bart Simpson - with one of them dressed in the style of Jamiroquai!

'Some of the most influential pop culture artists, designers and illustrators from around the world were given a blank 10" Qee of Bart Simpson to customise however they liked. They painted, sculptured and re-imagined the blank Barts to make a totally original creation based on their own style.'

One of the models has been based on the 'jamiroman' from the Don't Give Hate A Chance music promo video. A photo of the model, which is currently part of the exhibition shown in the window of a shop in central London together with more information can be found at the Jamitaly website

'The Bart Simpson Qee tour has already been to LA, New York, Paris, Florence and Rome and is now at the Forbidden Planet store in London (until 4 November). The tour will finish in Hong Kong at the end of the year and the majority of the customised figures will be auctioned off and all proceeds will go to charity.'

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this is great
i like jamiroquai and i like the simpsons why shouldnt we put them together???

I love it!!..I want one! I like the simpsons as well.. Great idea.

Oh dear God. XD

Lol I love the little fella hahaha

I think Pamela Anderson would have looked much better walking down the aisle dressed like JamiroBart.

thats fantastic

they should make a real one :)

these are the guys who do the toys in trainer stores and did the 'Adidoll'!

Way too funky li'l funky people are taking over the world!!! Hope they aomehow find their way down here- South Africa is in some serious need of a li'l funk injection.

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