Runaway video moon buggy listed at eBay

Added on Wednesday 17 October 2007, 21:04 (UTC)

The official Jamiroquai website at has posted a news item with details of the Runaway promo video moon buggy which Jay Kay is currently selling...

"It is fully road legal with a 250cc engine from a quad bike , first MOT due in Sept 2009, currently sworned . A unique one off , still owned by Jay Kay , successful bidder will meet Jay and have a photo on hand over the vehicle."

The full listing and more photos can be found at eBay.

UPDATE: (26 October) With one day remaining on the auction there have been 44 bids with a price of 2490 GBP.  The 'reserve' price has not been met and has since been lowered by the seller.

UPDATE: (27 October) The buggy failed to sell on eBay.  Although reaching a maximum bid of 3200 GBP it was still below the 'reserve' price. 

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Oh my god...

Good luck ebayers ;-)

Mr. Pope is 'the vendor' . . . err . . . wouldn't it be nice if the sale price was donated to a charity, like Cystic Fibrosis (the most prevalent genetic disease in the caucasian population, it's fatal, but by genetic testing it is preventable), or even an animal welfare charity ???

I wonder what the reserve price is? I would love to be able to afford this!

Awesome buggy!!.. that would go great in the sand dunes over here... Good luck to bidders.. nice thought little H.. :D

He he... Just for the fun, I'm currently the high bidder ;-) (but still no reserve price yet !)

(FYI, I say "just for fun", but I'd be ready to pay what I bid for!)

Gosh I would love to own that. If I only I had a little more spare cash.

Why is he selling it?

the question is not why is he selling that
the question should be who buys crap like this xD

The reserve price is GBP225 I think. LOL !!! Good luck Troll !!! If it stays in Jamily that would be nice for posterity, than some fool wrecking it for parts.

Yeah, why would Sir flog it ??? You'd think he'd have the space (pardon the pun) to stash it somewhere, to get it out every now and again for a laugh.

Thanks for your support on the sale price becoming a charity donation Missy M, I visualize MsP1 waving her Union Jack right now.

hehehe, I second that maxud...
Normally I´d support this type of thing andI don´t care if that´s jays, is a piece of chile...



thats the fact:

you buy a vehicle you just can drive in summer
you can put it infront of your door that everybody can see that but after a time it will become uguly for your own eyes...

next point: what is inside of this vehicle?
a lawnmower engine??? maximum 20 km/h???
and on which terrain you can use it? just normal streets???
at the end it will oxidize and you can scrap it...

last question:
what about extras?? has it a radio inside???
hmm i dont think so you just can runaway when you buy a moonbuggy like this...
jay has much reasons to sell it i would do the same xD

hahahahha maxud..

Now this is a serious piece of slow S**T and that's the reason he's selling it.
Jay wouldn't be driving this slow rubbish when he can drive his Ferraris.
But if is for a good cause why not bidd for it my friends.
May the force be with you!!!

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