Jamiroquai lose Wembley Arena capacity record

Added on Thursday 11 October 2007, 22:12 (BST)

This is a few months old but I thought I'd mention it anyway.  Back in 2003 reported that Jamiroquai had broken the capacity record for Wembley Arena in London.  Well, in June of this year Jamiroquai's record was broken by Pearl Jam.  Music Week (UK) reported...

"With 12,470 Pearl Jam fans packing the venue in North West London yesterday, compared to the 11,673 who attended their last sell-out gig at the arena in 2000, the band set a new house record. The previous house record of 12,337 was held by Jamiroquai for their 2002 show."

Wembley Arena was closed and re-developed a few years ago and as such Jamiroquai still retain the capacity record for the old venue.

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It was nice to be a part of that old record...
Thanks for the news. Peace.

Thanks for mentioning this Mr. Rowe. So the old record does remain for Jamiroquai, yesssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssss !!!

I understand the figures might change since the venue was renovated, but, isn't it pretty much always the same figures for a standard sell out gig? I mean, like, in concert configuration, the capacity for venue X is 14.000. If the show is sold out (and guests are here!) then the audience is 14.000 and that's it, no???

(my comment above might not be very clear... I simply meant that a sold out (standard) gig in a venue should always lead to the same number of people attending, no?)

Trolll: yes, I understand exactly what you mean. I guess they count exactly how many people actually go to the gig on the night and actually use their tickets. That's probably it.

So it's still good news, since they still old the record before the capacity was brought up, and I'm sure they could sell out the new Wembly......I wonder what the attendence was when the Grateful Dead played there in 1990???? They usually had more people in the parking lot plus the ticket holders....!

I wonder if they could fill el estadio de la carta blanca here in culiacan.

david,my strong suggestion is that in this non news area you put some new downloads...just an opinion

i meant in the non news time

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