Live from Abbey Road on Belgian TV

Added on Thursday 11 October 2007, 21:57 (BST)
According to Humo, a Flemish magazine, Canvas (the Official Flemish broadcaster) will show "Live from Abbey Road", the Jamiroquai performance, on Sunday 14 October at 13:00 local time.
Credit: Krisje Vanderauwera

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we've seen it lots of times! so, there's nothing new about it! we all just wanna see the broadcast of Canned Heat... that really would be new! not the same stuff all the time!

^Maybe those that get this channel don't have the privilege of watching it online and haven't seen it. I didn't see it until it aired on USA television, so hopefully some will watch this and enjoy it - regardless if this is there first time watching it or their fifth.

Will try to record it.

Its on Star World too on 24th October 9pm UAE (Not sure about the Hong Kong/Malaysia Star World

Unfortunately NO canned

no. same as before.

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