Derrick McKenzie lap dances for Nude Continuum!

Added on Wednesday 10 October 2007, 21:31 (BST)

Jamiroquai drummer Derrick McKenzie has recently been doing some work with Australian disco house band Nude Continuum and he's just uploaded a new remix - the 'Lap Dance Remix' of their track entitled 'Get Naked' to his MySpace page.

Also on Derrick's MySpace site is another track he created with the band entitled Je T'Adore. 

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Another fantastic tune!!!!

Yes, another funktastic track! Derrick is a great remixer :)

Hahaha the title of this news item is priceless!!! XD Great David!! :)


yes I was scared Derrick was doing lap dance somewhere..but could be a nice idea for a video of the remix!!
isn't he just great?

great tune!


Yeah sweet names!!!!! that's funny!

YAY - great to hear Derrick's working with Aussies - Aussies are the best (not that I'm biased or anything lol).


Bless you Derrick! You are a good remixer!

I love it! Nice tunes.

Bellisimo!. very funky tune.
title certainly gets your attention!!!!

You gotta love this man for his positive musical vibes and his upbeat personality. Derrick, you're an absolute godsend!!!!

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