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Added on Tuesday 02 October 2007, 10:40 (BST)

Jamiroquai drummer Derrick McKenzie has posted a new blog entry to his MySpace site.  In addition to taking about the work he's doing with other artists (Miriam Lamen and Nude Continuum) he gives an update on Jamiroquai...

"..been hanging with jay last week and the rest of the gang and looked at the revamped studio, looking very nice and polished, and the live room sounds great acoustically, so looking forward to getting down to some serious work in the very near future..."

Derrick's full blog entry can be read at MySpace. 

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Always great to hear from you Derrick - so glad to hear that the studio is looking good and that some fabbo tunes will be made there soon.


Yeh it's great to hear from Mr D!
Can't wait for the new material.

Can't wait can't wait can't wait!

i think i speak for all of us when i say woot

Fantastic, I can't wait!

@Snolan - can't wait to see some results! :D
I was a bit "trippy" at the time it was written lol

Thanks for the update Derrick :)
I can't reply on myspace, I forgot my password hahaha


Lovely blog Derrick, thank you! Was really great to see you all at Reading, the gig was superb! Loved your sesh with Sola btw; simply outstanding!

Thanx Derrick! nice to read.
I agree with snolan!

I just get this feeling that we're gonna' have a 2010 release for a new album...
Hold on tight.

great! =)

it makes me happy that new, derrick ^^

Please hurry Derrick, my ears can't handle the silent treatment much longer!

2010???!!! It's so far!

2010? no way.. early 2009 at the latest, i'd think. and they should be hitting us with some material in between.. but eh, who knows!

2010 no way!.. i cant wait so long.. it have to be 2008 or at the begging of 2009.

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