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Added on Saturday 06 October 2007, 19:33 (BST)

OK, here's the last remix update I'm going to do for a while...

Seattle based US remixer Ryan Bird has created a pretty cool and catchy uptempo remix of Dynamite that can be heard on his MySpace site.  Have a listen over at and feel free to post a comment here with your thoughts.

If you've created any remixes and want to let them be known to a wider audience, feel free to post a comment to this news item along with a link to where it can be heard.

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hey funky friends!! Chec this myspace:

And chek this track: Victory Dance.

woow!!! i like that introduction!!!jeje.


Yeah Ivan, that song is great and Micky is a real FUNKY boy!

On his MySpace profil you can not only listen to his Dynamite remix, but you can also download it!

i think it's pretty dope until the main verse comes in because the pitch doesn't quite match, excellent energy though, makes me get up and dance!

thank you very much for the positive responses. Yo Chimera, as for the pitch it could be the bass I have doubled up-my bad. Or it could be ableton. Wish you had given me the criticism directly. Your approach to being a critic is crap in my opinion;) If you feel like pointing that out on a public forum is a way to make yourself look smart, then a simple FU is already headed your way. If you're a musician with a good ear-listen to your heart. Have some respect, and save it for me directly. Share it with me musician to musician. Now even though you like the mix you critique it-this is the second comment-so I have no problem making the third even worse. I appreciate all the listens so much. If you have it in you to offer constructive criticism drop me a line. wouldn't you like to know you were responsible for getting someone to fix a bad mix? You could pat yourself on the back then. maybe try again.
I'm all ears. I've also been completely loveblind throughout the entire mixing/producing process-I'm sure there's more than one thing I can go back and fix.
Anyhow I've been wanting to just connect to the people on this list for a long time because Jamiroquai is a main inspiration for my music, and so you should keep me in your awareness.
I've have yet to even begin to share what I envision. thanks again, ryan bird

Yo Bird(!) - who rattled your cage???? Chimera has a right to his own opinion. Don't be so sensitive, he DID write (and I quote): "excellent energy though, makes me get up and dance". We're all one happy Jamily here, so "wanting to connect to the people on this list for a long time" with your hissy fits isn't the way to go on this forum. Good luck with your projects!

i like the remix =)

alot better than the official remixes of the track

and Ryan how did you go about getting layers for albeton because i have a friend who has it and he wants to do some remixing and make some tracks of our own how did you get the layers from the album track? and how did you record it from albeton because we cant figure out how to do it :P

and thanks for the mix its great :)

i didn't mean to offend you in any way. i understand your frustration at my comment because i'd be a little irked if someone said something about one of my pieces, but i don't think i'm obligated to send you private messages on myspace if i should choose to critique your track. i don't even have a myspace account. you posted your song in a public forum and it's appropriate for it to be critiqued here.

i'm not trying to sound smart, just suggesting something to work on in any future mixes of this song. as i said, 95% of it is great and would be perfect if you pitched up the main 'ridin' the night, aint it cool' line. the 'baby wants to..' and other vocal snippets sound awesome though. good vibes!

yes, really cool people do exist in this world. That's you guys I'm talking about BTW. I don't know why I've been having my doubts, probably having to do with just wanting to runaway so much;) Sorry I got all vocal toward Chimera, it's the capricorn in me trying to defend my reputation. I'm just quick to speak out, sorry. My cage is a bit rattled from something else, forgive me. Your comments though are bad ass, and were what I did need to hear. Even Chimera's because I love constructive criticism, don't you see I highly encourage it. Though I do feel stupid expecting Chimera to be able to contact me personally. So whatever, let's just forget all that, ok. As for ableton, well I don't know what to say. I'm unable to speak openly about it right now because of a contract I recently signed. I am able to point you in the direction of understanding how to remix a track from the original. Computer Music magazine has loads of tutorials and advice, also on their website. Check out the ableton tutorials. I will let you know how I do a remix in ableton from the original stereo track when I've gotten permission ASAP.
Good luck to you with ableton, it's fun, and it's been a blessing to me. Again, you guys with the positive comments, and even better than expected comment(snolan), thank you, and many blessings! Chimera peace:) I hope you all can understand my freak capricorn ways;) I'm just all bugged out lately, seriously, sorry for being rude. Keep rocking, ryan bird

Good effort, but not really my cup of tea. I prefer the Oliver Lang remix - it's a bit more relaxed. It's always good to hear peoples mixes of songs though.

I love the remix

Thank you Bird! :)

Man, that's a very good track! I noticed on the page you labeled it as a dub...set up a vocal version one day! We would love to hear it! Great job Ryan!

Oh yeah, Mickey's 'Victory Dance' has shades of 'Canned Heat' groovin all over it. THAT'S SO NICE!

Nice one Ryan, like it a lot! I would love to hear a funky version from you of Use The Force!!! go on, do it!! Ta


Seattle? Where TF is SEattle???

"Where is seattle?" LOL !

Seattle is where all sorts of depression has accumulated into a vortex, even the native American's knew it was bunk. Other than being the only major city in America to permit herb smoking by local law. It's all become a "behind closed doors" city, downplaying it's hippie culture. Tourists say it reminds them of London. That I wouldn't know, but it is an interesting place to say the least.
Think Hendrix and Kurt, the pain was real, and it can be felt if you spend enough time here, especially for the music. Sorry about my bitterness, Seattle is a bummer for the local musicians. As a city we are so detached from the grid, but we try so hard to import so much music here. What happens is the promoters lose so much money to the out of town acts, and the local acts lose out too big time. Seattle has incredible talent, but it gets slept on all day. The entertainment industry in Seattle is in par with that of America-it's our second largest source of income!!! Millions of dollars alone in Seattle! Only one major label Sub-Pop. No more than half a dozen booking agents. A local rag(the stranger) with only one or two guys per genre that calls the shots on what's hip for the entire city. A sold-out college radio station(KEXP)that has lost all hope at ever being true to "college radio" format again. You hear me go off, well I'm about to go off to Seattle itself the same. My solution: rope off the city, focus on local music, build community. Save the out of town acts the pain and hassle of passing through Seattle on their tour anyhow, as it is they already do;) So yeah Marco that's a great question "Where TF is Seattle?" I don't know...I just don't know. We do play jamiroquai on the local radio top40, and cut up runaway for their station id's. Every now and again you see a car going down the road with a jami sticker. There is $$$ and nice cars, but the traffic is horrible if you like to go fast like me;) A tweaker friend of mine messed with me by saying that Jay Kay married some girl who was rich from working at Boeing(?), and purchased a mansion out by Mt.Raineer. The rumor came from his girlfriend's Mom, who happened to be the real estate agent who supposedly signed the deal! Mind you-this is a rumor-I'm sure. This is what speed can do to your brain kids, and make you make up fabricated stories to mess with your friends, only because they don't want to jam with you anymore cause you're so spun out. Speed Kills;) Weird rumor though. He said Jay was spotted in Pike place market of all places. He tried to say that he cut his hair so no one would recognize him. Watch this rumor end up on some tabloid, yikes. hope not.

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