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Added on Monday 01 October 2007, 21:30 (BST)

Whilst the band members are not actively writing/recording with Jamiroquai they are keeping themselves busy (and paying the bills) by working with other artists.  We've had recent updates from Derrick, Rob, Sola and Matt and here is a quick update on bass player Paul Turner...

Before joining Jamiroquai Paul toured with Annie Lennox, and he's currently playing some gigs with her to support her new album and tour.  After performing at the Royal Albert Hall in London as part of the recent Peace One Day concert he's been making appearances on TV and you should be able to catch him on US television and on tour during the coming weeks.

Rest assured that the band members will all be getting back together soon to start work on new material...

Credit: Claudia Toledo

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Wow Paul - sounds like life is great at the moment - good luck with all your future performances :) :) :)


Don't believe it David!
I have just had time to watch this from the other week and wanted to see Annie Lennox. Then i spotted Paul and it clicked! I forgot he was a session player and worked with her before Jamiroquai amongst other bands:)
He is also on Bass with James Morrison's band at this Peace gig.
Have to say that Annie Lennox's new album is pretty good and she is a class act who deserves a class Bass player.
I will be putting link's to these performances on Jamirotalk soon in the bandmembers section if anyone (inc David lol!) would like to see him loitering at the back - hehe!

Just for you Russ - here's links to Annie's performances on GMTV from the other day -

It's so nice to hear about Paul (thanks for the info David). Will be nice to see them all together again!

excellent! thanks david
i see she hasn't lost it.
check out Paul's new Synth bass in 'Dark Road' here :-

there worth a small fortune when i last saw them in Bass player mag.

Oh, its a synth bass. I had no idea what it was. At first I thought it was a double bass!

yer i think that's the idea behind it:)

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