Jamiroquai special on M80 radio (Spain)

Added on Friday 28 September 2007, 15:54 (BST)

On Saturday (29 September) between midnight and 2am (Sunday), Jamiroquai will be featured on Spanish M80 radio as part of the "Supersonido" show. The show is all about cover versions of songs and it is expected that a section about Jamiroquai will be broadcast from 1am.

UPDATE: A recording of the show has been posted online - more information and links can be found at the Search & Find forum at

Credit: Lola Caballero

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Thanks David for post this new and... enjoy my friends.

and don´t forget is spanish tinme!

lets get it on the radio .
thanks lola and funky saturday every one.

Is anybody here???

The program star now and at 01.00 "covers jamiroquai": donna summer, steve wonder, marvin gaye, sugar hill gang and mome , more, more,


The progran is finish and the selection was:

I miss you
Upside down
Turn of the ligths
Hollywood swinging
Whole lotta love
Sugar hill gang
The ??? (Jimmy Clift)
Bad girls
Don´t stop the feeling
Love is the drug
Signed, sailed and delivered


Thaks so much to mario pérez and Víctor mojogonlopoto

Awesome broadcast. I´ll put the complete dates and setlist

The cover n.8 is called "The harder they come"

Thanks so much

..thanks a lot, Mojo!! :D

thaaaaaaanks!!! :)))u can always rely on some people here..u know who u are :)

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